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Sunday, December 21, 2014

See you in the New Year


I'm taking a brief break from blogging. For those who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a peaceful and happy one. For those with other sacred and or secular days to celebrate I hope they are happy and peaceful too! Be back in a couple of weeks as the new year begins. In spite of my photo, I'm actually not flying or traveling anywhere but need a break from blogging.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nature Notes and Our World Wednesday: Second Week of December

On the way to work several days this week, the ground was covered in such thick frost it looked like snow.


It wasn't safe to photograph and drive so I didn't get the frosty shots.


The cold days were sunny so by lunchtime walks the frost was gone.


So far, the wet days and nights have stayed above freezing and the cold ones have been sunny.


We had one day when it was only a couple of degrees above freezing with a hard rain.


I got some shots of my backyard birds this weekend.


I didn't see any american robins this weekend.


Although we have robins year round they tend to stay in the trees and protected areas when it's cold.


The cardinal above and below looked like a flower or berry from a distance.


The brown thrasher below stayed still against my deck wall for a long time.


Another Sunday with a perfect day for walking at the lake.


The evergreens keep the walk around the lake green after all the other trees have dropped their leaves.


It is strange how every Sunday for months has been the best day for a walk.


The gulls were out in full force.


I didn't even see the great blue heron on the left hand side of the shot below until I downloaded the picture.


The cormorant below was still as a statue.


I like the shadows I get in the winter from the trees.


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