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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our World and Nature Notes: Wrapping up Summer

I didn't take any photographs this week so I decided to pick shots from June, July and August that I haven't posted on my blog.


I think it's funny how the ducks appear to be joining all the walkers and joggers but going in the opposite direction.


I'm grateful that this was a very mild summer.


The juvenile robin below posed for me.


I have been surprised at how many deer have found their way to Shelley Lake's woods. I never used to see them there in the past but I think as the developments continue to gobble up more and more of what used to be rural and forest areas, the deer are forced to find suburban parks to move to.


Last but not least is one of this year's fox babies who was grown up enough by late August to come up on my deck without its parents. Usually when I see the foxes, the whole family comes to my deck for water.


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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Today's Flowers: Multitude of Mums

This time of the year, in central NC where I live, chrysanthemums are popular for fall planting.


It takes a certain amount of optimism to plant mums when too much late heat or too early hard frosts take their toll. Kind of a Goldilocks dilemma as in, this day was too hot to plant and this day came on too cold too soon but sometimes the timing can be just right for glorious mums.



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