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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Topsail Beach NC

I have to say that North Carolina has some nice rest stops. Too bad our legislators have to get involved with peering inside the facilities and obsess over who uses which one.
I can see a certain amount of sense in getting married at a winery, you'd be all set up with the celebratory drinks.
I haven't been to the beach in a while even though it's an easy drive from where I live in central NC.
I've always liked the fact that it's not too far to drive to the west to the NC mountains or to the east to the beach from where I live.
Topsail is one of the closer beaches to me.
I was determined to get a shot of a bird in flight but most were too fast for me.
Now that I commute to work instead of connecting from my computer at home, I don't photograph my backyard birds as much.
I don't really photograph anything as much as I used to.
I thought the yucca in bloom looked lovely on the dune.
I love dunes and they are so important to the coast.
I never tire of photographing the ocean.
I think it's in part because it constantly changes.
I had trouble deciding which shots to use for this post.
It take me longer to be selective about photographs than to just pick a bunch.
With long posts I run out of things to say in between the shots.
We went out to eat last night on the sound side and I caught a sunset.
I like the way islands are surrounded by water.
That way you can get a sunset on the water even when it's not on the ocean side.
The moon put on a show when it came up on the ocean side.
I needed a tripod to do it justice but you can get an idea.

Monday, July 4, 2016

July begins 2016

We've had a stormy long weekend but Sunday was nice enough for a drive to Oxford, NC where Bill has retired to.


When we were still married we had a tentative plan to retire somewhere out in the country in the mountains.


Since we're divorced and back to a close friendship I'm kind of glad that Bill didn't retire quite that far from Raleigh.


He's 8 years older than I am and retired last year.


He bought a farmhouse and five acres of land in Oxford NC which is less than an hour from Raleigh.


The shots above include his first phase of the vegetable garden he's put in, the cold frame which is growing weeds now that the plants are out, and a pasture that he originally thought he'd use as a meadow but currently plans to plant trees on.


One of the old tobacco barns on his property fell down recently the other is being eaten up by vines. Starting with the next shot are photographs inside Oxford proper as opposed to out in the sticks where Bill lives.


The first shot on this post is of the horses when I first turn on the road his house is on and part of the 5 mile drive from the turn to his house. 


We went into downtown Oxford all decked out for independence day and I photographed some of the houses on the way there and back while Bill drove.


It's nice seeing such well maintained older houses.


I particularly like the one with the sunflowers out front and the old truck.


It's nice to see a variety of styles.


Part of what I don't like about newer subdivisions is the houses often all look a lot a like, that's certainly true of the 1960s one I have lived in since 1984.


Happy Independence Day!


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