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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Camomile Tea Anyone?


Carver said...

The camomile in this shot is indeed growing in my garden. I hate to admit that although I started it from seed and grow it for the lovely flowers, I rarely dry it and make tea. I have tried that a few times but it never works out as well as the tea I buy.

ellen b. said...

It's great to look at even if you don't make tea from it :0)
I enjoy a cup of camomile later in the evening...

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

It's rather pretty growing in the garden. What a lovely photo this makes... a rustic appearance. I have never tried to dry chamomile before... very nice.

Horsoon said...

Beautiful shot! I've not tried camomile tea, but probably will check out the store later today ;)

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I like

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...


Carver said...

Thanks to everyone for visiting.

Dee said...

Yeah, I wonder how people can make a tea - someone's told me how to do it with just some leaves, but I've never tried it. At least you have. I wonder what the trick is?

Jasonblink said...

Camomile has so many health bebefits indeed.... Nice photo!

Carver said...

Dee, I'll have to read up on it. I suspect it may have to do with how it's dried. Camomile is made from the center of the flower after it's dried (the yellow part), unlike other teas which are from the dried tea leaves.

Jason, I always like camomile tea when I have a cold so it's interesting to know it has health benefits.


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