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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monochrome Weekly: I bet he never expected to wind up on a building

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James said...

I suspect that you are right. That is a really nice picture and it has a timeless look in monochrome.
Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

He looks pretty happy about it and ready for anything.

Susan said...

What a majestic shot!
I wonder what he would say if he saw himself on the building wall.
Well done - definitely a photo that grabs one's attention!

Anne said...

So nice!!

RuneE said...

The artist must have had quite a job, but the result was worth it - and so were yours :-)

Vita Stunder said...

I guess you're right Carver.
Great b&w!!

Have a nice week!

Cezar and Léia said...

How nice! It looks as if he were pencil-drawn on the wall!
God bless you!

Dan said...

A nice B&W photo.

Liz said...

I love that sort of painting on walls.

Dagrun said...

I bet he would be proud though. Interesting and good shot.

Dina ... UK said...

He does look rather handsome
Super monochrome image, i can not imagine it being in colour...

Petunia said...

Great image and very interesting in b&w. The artist must had a very difficult job. Do you know long it took to paint it with all the details?

This is my first time on monochrome weekly .
You find my picture here

~Just me again~ said...

Great shot!

kden said...

Fantastic artwork and capture by you.

Bengbeng said...

anybody would b proud to b up there on the wall :) me included

SandyCarlson said...

I sure do love this kind of art.

MyMaracas said...

That's a funny thought! I wonder what he'd say if he could see it?

It makes a great shot, though, especially in black and white.

Melusine said...

Hehe, and not to mention being captured in black and white!
Great shot :)

Daryl said...

I bet you are right .. nice capture

Bim said...

He looks rather confident up there!

Ayie said...

the photo on the building gave it a very old classic look plus the monochrome shot =) so many nice landmarks there


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