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Monday, October 5, 2009

That's My World Tuesday: Sunday walk - North Carolina Piedmont

I'm setting up some posts to auto publish because work in my world may interfere with my blogging. I will try to visit other participants as soon as I can, although I may be slow.


The shots in this post are from a walk this Sunday around Lake Lynn. There were four great blue heron which I spotted and enjoyed photographing.


I love the great blues. They are such beautiful and also somewhat eccentric looking birds to me. Not sure why I think they look like eccentrics.


This time of year the leaves are still in the early stages of changing color and I'm looking for ones that have changed when I walk.


At first I thought the red on the other side of the lake was a tree that had changed but then realized it was a red canoe.


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Daryl said...

I enjoyed that .. lovely photos, I am very taken with the egrets and herons, excellent pix!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Great photos!! Love the red canoe!!

Martha Z said...

I beautiful world, the great blues frequent my world too, but I am always thrilled when I see them.

Erin said...

simply great shots of the blues...i too, think they are special looking.
we used to spot them along a marshy area near where we lived in california, when we lived in california. i always had to stop and watch them.
have a good week.

Snap said...

Beautiful shots. I love the great blue heron ... one of my favorite birds.

Jedediah said...

Herons are awesome birds, I enjoyed your photos of them.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Lovely shots - especially the second blue heron against that lovely red background and also the autumn colours in the trees. Like you, I enjoy watching it all change at this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos of the heron. Who could have put the red canoe there?

Barb said...

No work! You have to get back to photography and blogging! The pictures of the herons are fabulous. Looks like fall is beginning there. I really like that bright canoe.

Sylvia K said...

What marvelous shots as always, Carver! Love the egrets and the Great Blues. What lovely places to walk and just enjoy! Wonderful autumn feel! Thanks for sharing!

Have a great week!


Janie said...

Beautiful photos of the herons. I love the woodsy colors, and even the red canoe!

eileeninmd said...

Nice sighting of the Great Blue herons, they are wonderful birds to see. It looks like a lovley place for hiking too.

Arija said...

Heron watching is such a wonderful experience. A lovely lake even though the canoe was providing the fall colour effect.

Anonymous said...

The herons look rather regal to me. Cool shots!

Marites said...

i don't see much of herons in my world. That's why i find them fascinating. They look elegant and solitary for me. Great captures! my world entry is up too.

Wolynski said...

Great, funny looking bird and not that afraid of humans. Wonderful photo with the red canoe.

magiceye said...

all such lovely captures!

Hazel said...

I love that heron. And the red reflection on the water is neat (canoe pic).

Vita Stunder said...

Wow Carver!
The second shot... are truly a stunner!!

What a proud heron!
Have a good wweek :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely herons! I always enjoy seeing them in the rivers near me. Thanks for sharing.

Happily Retired Gal said...

Auto posting helps ME get through the busy times and I visit as I'm able when time permits. Love your photos of the herons especially but all your views are lovely ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

bettyl said...

Such beautiful birds! Thanks for sharing.

Gaelyn said...

The Great Blue reminds me of a little old man standing hunched over in a suit with tails. Nice captures.

Ayie said...

that's a very pleasant walk you had

Rambling Woods said...

How dare work interfere with blogging. LOL. I guess the herons are kind of eccentric..I think it's about the loooong legs and funny feet...

Ascender Rises Above said...

i didnt know that you had another blog! I enjoyed the canoe shot; like a giant red leaf sitting there


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