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Monday, March 1, 2010

That's My World Tuesday - NCMA expansion nearing completion

A little over a year ago, I wrote a my world post about the North Carolina Museum of Art's major expansion and included some construction shots. You can click here if you are interested in reading that post.
I decided to go back last week and see if the final phase of construction was completed yet. Not only is it not quite finished, the museum is closed for the final phase. However, I walked around outside and took some pictures.
On the right hand side of the shot above is the old museum which will be primarily used for educational programs, and the left hand side is the new museum.

If you look at the new museum without light reflecting off of it, to me it looks like a warehouse. However, it's exciting to read on the NCMA site in links here, about the daylit galleries and how the designers used green principles consistent with the development of the Museum Park and its related art and ecology program.
In addition to the new 127,000 foot expansion for additional gallery space, there will be garden areas and courtyards. There will be an outdoor courtyard with works by Auguste Rodin adjacent to the indoor gallery with more of Rodin's work.
I have to admit that I have trouble believing that they can finish up in less than two months but you never know what can be accomplished. To visit other parts of the world, please go to the home of That's My World Tuesday.


Cezar and Léia said...

ohmigod, what a great news, this place looks fabulous!They did a great job there!The final phase of construction is almost done.I loved that sculpture and I'm really curious about inside.
Great post dear Carver, thanks so much for sharing!

*** thanks for the NCMA link!

Daryl said...

I bet once the place is done and the light shines in on those panels its going to take on a whole other personality ...

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots. Once completed this museum will sure be most visited place in the area.

Sylvia K said...

What a marvelous place! And how fantastic it will be when finished! I hope they make it in two months, too! Look forward to seeing some pics once it is! Have a great week, Carver!!


Joe Todd said...

I hope we will get to see more of the museum in the future

Sistertex said...

Looks like a really neat place, I hope they do get it finished soon...even if it is not entirely done in two months. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Photo Cache said...

Almost Carver, almost time.

I hope you will go to the inauguration. Take some photos.

Carolyn Ford said...

That is going to be awesome! I hope you njoy it when it is completed...and send photos along blog land when it happens!

Indrani said...

Looks great. I am glad you followed up and shared the latest.

Hazel said...

Some of the most interesting features of museums are the educational programs. This was an interesting show of what's to come; brings in suspense for art lovers!

SandyCarlson said...

What an interesting place. More is better when it comes to art museums.

Kcalpesh said...

Seems for sure, when done and complete, this one's going to be one fine place worth a visit!!

Pixellicious Photos

Unknown said...

That's one impressive place, that's for sure :)
I'm sure it will be quite interesting to wander around inside and look around.

Pat said...

How wonderful to have a new spacious museum of for lots of people to view lots of beautiful artwork!

Anonymous said...

it's amazing what a motivated builder can accomplish in a very short period of time. How exciting to be close to the time to reopen! Our local museum was closed for two years right when we moved here, and the grand re-opening was a the talk of the town.

antigoni said...

Excellent post and photos!!!

Arija said...

From afar it looks like a concrete fence. It reminds me of the Melbourne gallery which also has blank concrete walls and water running down a picture window in the facade. Colloquially called ' The Fish Shop', It was designed for maximum security. It too houses courtyards with sculptures, particularly Rodin's bronze of Balzac.


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