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Monday, July 5, 2010

That's My World Tuesday: U.S. Independence Day

Sunday, July 4, was the United States Independence day and July 5, 2010, Monday is a holiday in the U.S. since July 4 fell on Sunday this year.
I have posted about Colonial Williamsburg, VA for My World before but I had a bunch of shots from that trip which I haven't used. The shot above is of a quilt in the Folk Art Museum in Colonial Williamsburg.
I thought it was appropriate to post photos from Colonial Williamsburg today (although they are autumn shots) because they recreate events leading up to the revolutionary war as well as some scenes after it began.
The balcony scene and the shot below are of the Colonial Capitol building.
The next shot is in front of the Capitol building where people gather and the actors play out scenes from the beginning of the Revolutionary War which took place between Thirteen former British colonies on the Atlantic Coast of North America and the Kingdom of Great Britain.
Most of the scenes played out in Colonial Williamsburg relate specifically to the colony of Virginia. The next two shots are of the colonial Governor's Mansion.
The shot above is the part of the mansion overlooking the Palace Green and the shot below is of the gates on the other side of the mansion leading through the drive and garden.
The next shot is of one of the smaller houses on the Palace Green.
The next house is much larger and I don't remember if it had any particular significance.
They have carriages (open and closed) which people can have rides around the town in but we did the walking tour.
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Naquillity said...

love that quilt, the colonial capitol building and those carriages. i can't believe you didn't at least ride one of them. how cool that would have been.

your black & white below is a perfect choice for showing holiday spirit. hope all is well.

Mojo said...

You know, as close as I am, I don't know that I've ever been to Williamsburg. Strange, huh? Good for people like me, people like you bring home great pictures and history from there.

I went with a Fourth of July theme too (what else?) but stayed closer to home.

EG CameraGirl said...

Fun post about Williamsburg. I haven't been there for years. I think I need to go again. :)

LadyFi said...

What wonderful theatre scenes - and lovely buildings.

Sylvia K said...

I have always wanted to visit Williamsburg! I've read so much about it! Your photos are the next best thing to being there! They're terrific! Hope you have a great week, Carver!


Rajesh said...

Happy independence day. Beautiful shots of the place and architecture is amazing.

Barbara said...

Very interesting shots from Colonial Williamsburg. I like the quilt, a lot of work went into that!

Indrani said...

Great shots, nice place and the characters look good.

Jim said...

This looks like a wonderful event to attend.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

SandyCarlson said...

Great post. I love Williamsburg. The Virginians let us touch history (it's all recreated there anyway). "Settled by gentlemen, not Puritans," I remember the tour guide remarking. Here in Puritan country, look but don't touch--and look with the right look on your face!

Great shots. Happy Independence Day!

Rinkly Rimes said...

Your photographs are so interesting that I quite forgive you for beating 'us'.

Cezar and Léia said...

What a cool event, I love your pictures, the costumes and the palace, mainly that adorable carriage!
Thanks for sharing

Regina said...

How wonderful! Great place.
Thank you for sharing Carver.

Have a great week.
R e g i n a

Carver said...

NOTE - For some reason a number of comments that I got in my email didn't shot up here. I'm not sure what's going on but I am getting them in email. I'm going to see if this shows up.

ksdoolittle said...

Great quilt commemorating the 4th! Also enjoyed the pictures of colonial Wmsburg! ~karen

Carver said...

This is so weird. I left a comment saying I'm getting comments in email but they aren't showing up on the post. That comment showed up and then disappeared. Bizarre.

B i r g i t t a said...

Wonderful pictures all of them :)

carolina mts said...

Great quilt - have not been there but did grow up in Boston where ltos of history took place!

lissa said...

it's like being on a movie set isn't it? though I've never participate or witness any recreations, it looks like it might be fun


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