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Monday, November 15, 2010

That's My World Tuesday: Mystery Solved

I have noticed at the dam end of Shelley Lake there are an increasing number of objects that I usually try to avoid in photographs.
myworld fishfeednov13mr
I know they aren't there to interfere with my photography but until a recent walk I didn't try to figure out what they were.
myworld moreonfishfeedr
Once I bothered to read the signs I realized that there is an experimental fish feeding station. Now why didn't I think of that.
myworld fishfeederdescrip
As we move into late fall the hills and fields at the lake are turning brown which I like. Green is pleasant but the browns of fall and winter have their own beauty too.
myworld brownhillshnov13
There is always a lot of green in the trees even after the fall leaves are all gone because of the number of evergreen trees around the lake.
myworld shellreffrthwdmnov13
I am glad that some bare limbs are starting to add their own beauty to the sky.
The colorful leaves can be breathtaking but the bare limbs are amongst my favorites.
myworld mixlevtrpthnov13
Fall is a great time for a variety of reflections in the lake. I always look forward to that.
myworld shellrflflnov13
I think the leaves around this bench look like rose petals.
myworld levbenchnov13
Once again I am left having trouble narrowing down which photographs to post.
myworld shellmorefrfnocv13
The weekly and even daily changes are so noticeable, I find myself trying to record them during my photo walks.
myworld yellpthrdrnov13
I love being able to glance over into the woods and see golden light pouring off the trees.
The paths with mixed colors in various trees create a palette from nature and the blues from reflected light on the lake can be extremely intense.
myworld colrfpthshnov13
The sandbar remains as a little island for the geese but the flowers and grasses that covered it in the summer are all gone.
Standing on top of the dam, I take a last look for that walk at the autumn foliage.
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Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour dear Carver!
Very interesting idea about the experimental floating fish feeder there.
Your pictures are wonderful, adorable nature with so beautiful Autumn colours!

Johnny Nutcase said...

i really like the shot of the bench and leaves. very cool shot! So many great colors on the trees still, great blue sky too. Looks like a nice walk!

Anonymous said...

My dear Carver if my world is this pretty as yours, it would be difficult for me to leave this place and go back to work :)

Keep us posted on how the trees peak, thanks.

Daryl said...

So lovely ..

Sylvia K said...

Oh, you even outdid yourself today, Carver! These are fantastic! And such gorgeous colors! Of course, I love the reflections on the water! Really superb! Such a colorful, beautiful world it is! Hope you have a lovely week!


Randi said...

Thank you for taking med on this beautiful walk in your wonderful world. I love the scenery!

Penelope Notes said...

I can see why you would have a difficult time choosing what photographs to post when so many are lovely, especially with the autumn colors. I like the bench where I can sit and soak in all the beauty that is around me. :)

eileeninmd said...

There are beautiful autumn colors in your world Carver. What a pretty lake and beautiful reflections.

Arija said...

I too love it when the trees shed their clothes and show us their true natures. Changes make up the beauty of our lives. Just think how boring it would be if nature stayed the same all year and every year.

Small wonder you had trouble selecting your photos, as did I for other reasons.

Great idea to help the fish population in the lake.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots. The lake area is beautiful and scenic.

Indrani said...

Interesting details around, Lovely views all around. Beautiful shots.

Kay L. Davies said...

I can see why you have trouble choosing between your beautiful photos. I'm glad I don't have to think about which ones to look at first. They're all wonderful.
However, I'm impressed by the fish feeder. It's the sort of thing I wish I could discuss with my father, who was an outdoor writer and photographer. In 10 days it will be a year since he died. I'm grateful I was able to be with him then, but I'd love to talk to him about this now.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Ebie said...

Carver, I am so speechless with the beauty of your world. I cannot pick a favorite, every shot is great! The water is just shimmering and the colors are just so inviting!

lotusleaf said...

Breathtaking pictures! Even the bare trees are beautiful.

Carolina Mountains said...

Great idea for the fish feeding stations! Lovely shots - you still have some color there.

Nicole said...

Fish feeders,... who would have thought :D
Love the shots!

Anonymous said...

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