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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our World Tuesday: A little over a year ago

This week I'm posting shots from a road trip to West Virginia a little over a year ago.
The first three or so shots were taken while still in North Carolina but the rest were in Virginia and West Virginia.
I took so many shots on that trip that I still have many I never used on my blog, so I thought I'd use some of those now as I didn't take hardly any photos this week.
It's still so hot here that I can't get motivated to do much.
I hope after a miserably July it will cool down some in August.
Sometimes we do have a cooler August than July and I sincerely hope that will be the case this year.
These shots were take at the end of May in 2011 and it was a perfect time of the year for a road trip.
The woods were very green and full of new growth.
There were lots of mountain laurels and rhododendrons in bloom.   
It was still fairly cool at night which I like.
I don't handle heat very well.
When it is cold you can always bundle up but when it's hot there are just so many clothes you can take off.
I have tried to keep my complaints to a minimum this summer because I do have air-conditioning.
The problem though is I hate feeling so housebound due to the heat.
Oh well summer will be over soon.


Sallie ( said...

I hear what you're saying about the heat and clothes! But cold weather bothers me so much makes me ache. Could we just have 75 to 80 all the time? That's probably too much to ask....I like following your roadtrip from last year and your pics remind me of ours through that area (that rock cliff with all the green).... I wish I had such good archives!!

Ramakrishnan said...

Spectacular & scenic.Thanks for sharing.

DeniseinVA said...

I don't handle the heat either, the humidity is awful and so I understand how you feel. Roll on a little cooler weather. Your photos are always a pleasure to see.

Penelope Postcards said...

The stairs are a nice reminder of the 1001 Steps in my part of the world … minus the cabin. Most of these photos look cool somehow. The water seems refreshing and the green forest healthy and not at all dry. But that was last year and I sympathize with the excessive heat you are experiencing now.

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots!

Hope it cools off for you.

Whispering Thoughts said...

It is humidity that is worse I guess. The shots are lovely as always.

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Your photos are fantastic.
You show an enchanted place.
Landscapes are picturesque and very romantic.

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photographs, fine views, fantasy commercial of this beautiful place. I am greeting

Al said...

What a beautiful series of photos, I'd love that kind of road trip. I also hate really hot weather, but where I live it's always cooler in August and by the end of the month our low temperatures can be near freezing.

Unknown said...

Outstanding post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Randi said...

Amazing nature! Love the wilderness!

My name is Riet said...

What a beautiful country, you must have had a wonderful trip. I know how you feel about the heat, it is cooler here now and I am so happy.

eileeninmd said...

Carver, lovely shots from your trip. We do live in a beautiful country. Your scenic shots are gorgeous. I love the bridge and the mountain laurels and the waterfalls. Great shots, thanks for sharing.

NatureFootstep said...

that´s gorgeous places. Thankd for digging into your archives. :) Like you I don´t like the heat a lot any longer. Especially when it comes with a humid condition.

Fun60 said...

Loved the shots. Beautiful greenery.

Katrin said...

beautiful place, beautiful pictures!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Sometimes, it is great fun to go back and remember beautiful scenes and the happy appreciation that went with them. Your photos are just stunning! I smiled at the idea that, as you say, there are "only so many clothes you can take off." Will hope for a cooler August for you.

Janet said...

Your mountain photos just cooled me off! Beautiful in spring.


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