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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ABC Wednesday: Y is for Yarrow

I thought I'd start with yellow yarrow for two Y words.
Next some white yarrow. I had to go to old photos since my yarrow is currently overrun with weeds.
Last is red yarrow although it looks pink in this shot.
abcwed yarrow


Judy said...

Pretty, Pretty!!!! Right now our spring color is gone and my summer color is just starting to bloom.

ZielonaMila said...

Wonderful colours, beautiful plants, such pictures are very joy:) Greetings

Meryl said...

Great post. I've seen these blooms so frequently in arrangements and never knew what they were called. Great shots, too.

Leslie: said...

I've also seen these a lot but never knew the name. Great shots!

abcw team

Nonnie said...

lovely yarrow images!

Hildred said...

Ah yes, Yarrow, - it turns up everywhere but I am very fond of it.

Luna Miranda said...

very pretty, like tiny stars. and it has many traditional and herbal uses, too.

Anonymous said...

these are very pretty and they come in variety of colors too.

Kate said...

Great images for "y"--once had a student named yarrow; I often wondered if she knew how lovely a yarrow image is? Kate, ABC Team

Robyn Greenhouse said...

So pretty! I think I've seen some of these as I walk my dogs. I'll have to take a closer look tomorrow when I'm out.

caite said...

Yep to yellow yarrow!


Wonderful rich colors! I wish we had more of these around here, so lovely.

Jama said...

They are so pretty.

Lea said...

Very pretty!
Great choice for Y!
Happy Wednesday!
Lea's Menagerie

Ann said...

The yellow yarrow is so bright and cheerful, yellow has a way to brighten up any garden.

Anonymous said...

Great flower..I don't think I ever knew its name...nice for the letter, especially the yellow one of course.

Anonymous said...

Great flower..I don't think I ever knew its name...nice for the letter, especially the yellow one of course.

Indrani said...

Never seen these kind of flowers. Very unique and beautiful!

ChrisJ said...

Wonderful post. Yarrow was another word I considered this week, but my enthusiasm to research it melted away with my brain in this humid week. So glad you did it.

Nana Jo said...

I had no idea those lovely flowers were called Yarrow. We have a small town here with that name, too. Oh, those pinks are so lovely!


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