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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our World Tuesday: Sunny Sunday Walk on November 10

Lately we've had blue skies on Sunday which makes for pleasant walks.
We've had plenty of rainy days and gray days but nice to have some pretty weekend days.
I can hardly believe that we are almost half way through November.
The mallards seem to be pairing off.
There were only two cormorants on the pilings but usually I see four or five.
There were lots of white ducks.
You aren't supposed to feed the ducks or geese at Shelley Lake but this little boy was tossing pine straw at them and they were going for it.
I love the fall colors reflected in the water.
I was surprised how few people were walking at the lake.
It was a peaceful morning without many other people around.
There are still a lot of fall leaves brightening up the trees.
 Because of the different times trees change colors and lose there leaves there is a pleasant mix of bare branches and colorful ones.
One thing I notice in the winter is how much more light there is walking around the lake when the trees drop there leaves.
It's nice on cold days that more sunshine makes it through the trees.
I spend a lot of time looking up and pointing my camera up.


Our photos said...

Nice photos!
Have a nice monday! RW & SK

Indrani said...

Indeed very peaceful all around.

Ramakrishnan Ramanathan said...

Looks like it was a magnificent and sunny day. Pictures are all fabulous.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful scenes with birds having good time.

eileeninmd said...

Love Autumn scenes, Carver! The little boy is cute trying to feed the ducks. Great series, have a happy week!

Sylvia K said...

What wonderful Autumn captures for the day, Carver!! It does indeed look so peaceful!! Hope you have a great week!

Fun60 said...

Beautiful blue skies make for an excellent walk.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful photographic walk and cute dude in one of those photos ~ excellent wildlife photos ~ thanks for your visit and comments ~ carol, xxx

Laura said...

beautiful Carver!

Photo Cache said...

Oh no almost mid November already? Kidding aside you do have a very beautiful and peaceful place for walking.

Anonymous said...

What lovely colours and scenery!

Swati Singh said...

Beautiful pictures! love the autumn color....

genie said...

What a beautiful day for a walk. This area is so special with all of its beautiful trees, the water, and the water fowl. So peaceful and serene.


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