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Thursday, February 6, 2014

SkyWatch Friday: Late January and early February skies

We had some beautiful sunset in January.
In some ways this post isn't entirely representative because we have had a fair amount of gray skies.
I will include a gray February day at the end but I'm focusing mostly on color.
It's fairly common to have a gray day that ends with a beautiful sunset but I'm always surprised by color at the end of a gray day.
We have had a few brilliant blue skies with the cotton ball clouds I love.
 I caught the moon in the morning on several days.
 Sunrise lights up the tree below.
 I think the sunset below is very moody.
 The next five shots are from a spectacular sunset on another day.
These five shots are in reverse order, meaning I started with the end of the sunset and move back to earlier in the day.
I kept going to the window and the sky continued changing.
My bedroom window is the best place for me to shoot the sunset without going outside.
 In some ways I get better shots from my bedroom window that if I did go outside.
 I took the next two shots on a brilliant sunny day at the NC Museum of Art Park.
 The work above and below is titled Gyre and is by Thomas Sayre a North Carolina artist.
 The next shot was taken at a park near my house.
The Optimist Park is a short walk for me.
 I also took some photographs walking around my neighborhood.
It was harder walking when the sun was out and there was some melting and re-freezing.
 I had to stop when I took a photograph because if I got absentminded and shot while I walked I would start to slide.
Another sunset shot from my bedroom window below.
 I never get tired of watching the sky.
 I do think that this is a particularly good time of the year for sunsets.
 I can become intoxicated by all the color.
Recently I've featured one day for sky watch.
Because I tried picking shots from the past 10 or so days (except ones I featured previously), I have ended up with an extra long post this time.
I had trouble narrowing down which shots to use.
I am running out of commentary for the photographs.
When I first started blogging I used photographs as breathing spaces between paragraphs of words.
Now I use words as breathing spaces in between photographs.
Today was my 29th day in a row of going on a walk and, except when I walk in the rain which I've done a fair amount of lately, I usually take at least a few shots while I walk.


Icy BC said...

You do have stunning view of the sunset. Fantastic photos!

Anonymous said...

You have so much lovely colour in your skies! Gorgeous.

Łucja-Maria said...

Fabulous photos. I admire the amazing clouds and colors of the sky.
I love your blog. We are pleased to here I come.

EG CameraGirl said...

WOW! You DID have a multitude of gorgeous skies, didn't you?

Christian Weiß said...

Excellent photo, it is a beautiful area.

Laura said...

what a wonderful variety of skies Carver… so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Carver ~ excellent sky photos for SWF and thanks for visiting ~ Love your walk photo results!
artmusedog and carol ^_^

Anonymous said...

Wow! Carver ~ excellent sky photos for SWF and thanks for visiting ~ Love your walk photo results!
artmusedog and carol ^_^

eileeninmd said...

Carver, so many pretty sky shots. It is hard to pick a favorite, I loved them all. Have a happy weekend!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Wow, you win the prize for the biggest variety of skywatch shots. Thank you for sharing.

lina@womens perspectives said...

So wonderful skies, love them all, Carver.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful distinctive views of the sky.

Indrani said...

What a royal virtual treat I get each time I visit your site. Beautiful captures!


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