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Sunday, January 31, 2016

End of January

The pictures in this post were taken on January 23, 24 and 25, 2016.


February is going to be a big change.


If the first 10 days of February holds to the forecast it will barely get below freezing on any of the nights.


I know the birds will appreciate a break in winter weather.


I like a break as long as it's not too dramatic.


Sometimes shifts from winter to spring weather and back again make me feel slightly ill.


The snow and ice we had was very pretty.


We had more sleet and freezing rain than snow.


I was grateful that I didn't lose power.


When I finally made it to the office once the roads were cleared the dangerous part was the parking lot.


Even though the preceding day had been well above freezing the parking lot was like an ice skating rink. 


I had on hiking boots and was stomping down as hard as possible to get traction when a co-worker said, this is the most dangerous part of the trip.


It was a minor miracle no one had a bad fall.


The problem with the kind of storm we had was pre-treatment with sand and brine couldn't off set the amount of freezing rain that fell.


Below is what my neighborhood road looked like long after the secondary streets were clear.


On the 25th of January we had a beautiful moon.


It was beautiful at sunrise and at sunset.


It amazes me how many birds flock to this tree down the road from me.


I photograph the birds from my window.


The moon above looked red because it was catching the sunset.


I get the best sunset shots in the winter when the trees are bare.


There are so many trees in my neighborhood that I don't get much of the sunset in the summer.


I love the way sunsets look with bare limbs.



YTSL said...

Your photos are gorgeous but I have to say I sure wouldn't want to experience the icy weather you've been having! :O

DeniseinVA said...

Outstanding photographs Carver, your moon and sky shots are incredible, as are your photos of all that snow and ice. Glad no one was hurt. Now I am retired I hunkered down and didn't venture out too much during the worst part, as in years' past I have come a cropper many times, too many to mention. So glad you didn't have any problems that way. I'm looking forward to seeing this snow melted during the warmer days coming up. I feared for our deck with the weight of the snow but thankfully it is fast disappearing, the snow not the deck ;)

Ela said...

wow !! Fantastic winter pictures !!
I love your pictures of birds and marvelous sunsets !!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Everything in this post is just beautiful Carver; that first photo looks like a fine Japanese ink drawing. The moon and sunrise skies are incredibly beautiful.. and of course you always make the best bird portraits (I love the towhee). You even make the snow and ice look beautiful in your pictures. But the words tell a different story; that street and parking lot sound frightening -- I am sure I would have fallen and broken my neck.

I can imagine the roller-coaster weather makes you a bit queasy. I feel that way sometimes when we visit Colorado -- where it can be so cold one day and nice the next and then back again.

eileeninmd said...

Hello Carver, I am glad to see you posting. Or maybe I have missed your post. The last storm we had was a doozy, we rec'd over 23 inches of snow. I am ready for a break with warmer temps. An early spring would be nice. Lovely sunset shots, beautiful sky. Happy February, enjoy your new week!

Penelope Postcards said...

When you don’t have to walk in (or under) it, the winter moon, snow and ice can be quite captivating. The colorful birds add color to the gray and the bare branches stretch out like pencil lines on a cool canvas sky.

lissa said...

those sunset pics are so gorgeous! I haven't seen such sunsets here but I haven't been really looking. thanks for posting these.

hope you have a sweet day.


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