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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Walks in April, 2016

The first set of shots were taken a week ago on a Sunday walk at the WRAL Azalea Garden in Raleigh, NC.


After a hard freeze several nights prior to that walk, most of my azaleas which bloomed early this year lost most of their blossoms.


The good thing about this garden is they have so many different azalea varieties that plenty of them were blooming.


Some of the larger azaleas at the garden had lost their blossoms like mine but there was still plenty to see.


The garden also has a lot of rhododendrons and other plants in bloom.


I like to see birds taking advantage of feeders in gardens.


The rhododendron below reminds me of one I had that lasted 15 years after I planted it but I lost it in 2008 when we had a prolonged drought.


We've had so many rainy years lately it's hard to believe how long that drought lasted.


I really have lucked out though with beautiful Sundays two weeks in a row.


The rest of the shots are from my walk today at Shelley Lake (also in Raleigh, NC).


Saturday was was stormy but today was beautiful.


That's happened a lot lately (raining on Saturday and sunny on Sunday).


I love buttercups. They remind me of my childhood and making necklaces and headbands with them.



Penelope Postcards said...

I love the leafy shadow patterns on the walkway. I, too, remember fields of buttercups as a child. When we kids held buttercups under our chins and saw a golden glow it meant we liked butter. :)

Photo Cache said...

This garden is awesome Carver. I have been to a rhododendron garden and I know how showy they can get and I'm assuming the same for azalea garden too.

BTW, I was never able to grow rhododendron so I stopped after buying my nth pot of rhododendron from the nursery.

Hope this week sails by smoothly and you'll enjoy more walks.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

So glad you've gotten some beautiful weekend weather. You deserve it! Beautiful spring garden walks, both of them. I love buttercups for the same reason you do and now that I think of it, maybe that memory is why I always love yellow flowers the best. They always make me smile.

The see no evil .... sculptures made me smile -- they have personality!!

Indrani said...

Lovely captures from your Sunday walk. Great shots!

lissa said...

gorgeous views! I've like seeing the flowers in bloom.

have a lovely day.

YTSL said...

It all looks so colorful and lovely, one surely can't but enjoy walks in the area. :)

DeniseinVA said...

Beautiful place and beautiful photos Carver. A place I would love to see one day.


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