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Saturday, April 1, 2017

End of March beginning of April


We're having a beautiful spring in spite of losses early due to dramatic temperature swings.


I knew the dogwoods would be fine because they weren't part of the extra early budding that happened during a warmish February.


Even with a lot of lost azalea blossoms they are starting to show me that they weren't all hit by the swings.


This weekend couldn't be more perfect temperature and sun wise.


Bill and I walked at lake lynn today. 


It's only a few miles from my house.


The only reason I don't walk there more is with Shelly Lake in my neighborhood I go there more.


It's nice having so many good places to walk near by.


The turtles were the big news today.


I know there are always a lot of turtles at this lake in the spring but I wasn't thinking about it while walking.


I might have missed them altogether if Bill hadn't pointed them out.


The pair above looked like a parent putting its arm around a child.


The shot above is another log with turtles (there were several).


The funniest part was watching a turtle climb on its sibling (or that's my read on the relationships) and slide off into the water.


I love the soft light colored new leaves of spring.


The azalea below lost most of the lower two thirds of the bushes buds to low temperatures but the top part of the bush has burst into full bloom


Dogwoods are the state flower in NC.


They've always been a favorite flowering tree for me.



YTSL said...

Beautiful shots! It's great that you were out in such glorious weather! :)

lissa said...

it's gorgeous out there, all those flowers and the turtles! oh my, it's nice to see them even in photos

have a lovely day.

Lady Fi said...

Nature persists and so does spring! Lovely shots.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I was almost afraid to come to your new post for fear that you would say you didn't have any spring flowers after your weird bounce back winter. What joy to know that I had nothing to fear. Oh my gosh those dogwoods! And all of the spring flowers -- love them all, what a beautiful beautiful walk.

Photo Cache said...

I am loving the dogwoods. Out west all the dogwoods I see are either pure white or white with a little greenish hues around the tips.


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