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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Winter Post 2018

I took so many photographs today that I thought it was a good time to prepare a winter post.


I hope everyone's new year is off to a good start.


I worked from home yesterday and today so I was able to enjoy the birds I feed during bad weather on my deck.


Today was a winter wonderland.


It was my favorite kind of snowy day.


The sun came out and the sky was a beautiful blue.


I think the cardinal below was playing peekaboo.


It snowed all day yesterday and today we had a brilliant blue sky.


I think the way I uploaded the shots they are going from later in the day to end with earlier in the day.


I'm way to lazy now that I've started to change the order.


I paste the link from flickr and had meant to go from morning to afternoon.


Afternoon to morning works too.


It was supposed to get warmer than it did today.


The sun was very bright but the temperatures stayed below freezing.


The melting from the sun will definitely refreeze tonight since it's going to be quite cold.


My neighbor's backyard play set above looks charming in the snow.


I wonder if it will warm up as much tomorrow as the forecast calls for.


I'm probably going to work from home again.


I don't even have the snow cleared off my car although I tried.


I used most of my energy cutting back overgrown bushes that bowed down across my driveway under the weight of the snow.


I think the junco above looks like it's sticking out its tongue. 


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The snow looks beautiful, especially against that bright blue sky and the neighbor kids playhouse looks like a magic golden castle! Sweet cardinal playing peekaboo... all the birds are so lucky you're feeding them. I'm glad you get to work at home on these kind of days -- both for the beauty you share and for the fact that I'm sure you're safer not having to brave the roads. (And, by the way, I'd probably be copying the junco's expression and sticking out my tongue at all that cold. But it is beautiful!!!)

Photo Cache said...

Happy New Year Carver!

While these are all so beautiful, it's crazy how much snow you guys got this year and the season is not over yet. Take care and hope to see more of you in blogland this year.

Penelope Notes said...

Wow … talk about a winter wonderland, Carver! Nice that you get to work from home and not travel in it. Blue skies over a snowy untouched landscape creates the prettiest pictures. I can see why you couldn’t resist taking some photos. The bird under the big snow cap is priceless!

lissa said...

now I wish I have gone outside to take photos when it did snow here. but it's good I can look at your beautiful snow shots instead.

have a lovely day.


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