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Monday, March 16, 2020

January 31 through March 15, 2020

I'm working from home today and decided to take a break and write a post. First thanks again to Lissa Writes for the badges, I'm using another as my header. 


I put off working from home because I've gotten used to commuting and have a new car I enjoy driving.


I also tend to work much longer hours from home and like leaving work at the office and home for home.


As more cases of coronavirus have cropped up in my area I decided the thing to do is work from home and not work too long hours.


Since I started work even earlier than I usually get to the office and I know if something comes up this afternoon after I usually leave, I'll take care of it; I decided the thing to do is take a break in the middle of the day.


Since I started working in my P. J.'s at 6:30, this is actually later than mid day.


I'm not overly worried about getting coronavirus but since the majority of NC cases are in Raleigh where I live, there's the added reason of not wanted to take it to the office in Durham where I work.


It does help that from what I heard, people are generally symptomatic before they're contagious.


I'll probably go to the office at least once this week but will be careful.


We've had continual weird weather. In early February it was warm and early flowers jumped the gun.


Then we had snow followed by low temperatures and many trees with spring flowers dropped their blooms.


It was a pretty sugar frosting snow but due to drop in temperatures we ended up with a fair amount of ice.


The daffodils were hit hard and a lot didn't recover.


Even so the yellow was pretty through the snow.


Nice to see wildflowers cropping up.


Male cardinals are very striking in the grass.


The great blue heron move to protected areas during breeding season.


It's been nice to see the trees that didn't jump the spring gun begin to flower.


Below is a narcissus stand that fared well although close-ups show them bowed down.


The shots in this post are sequential beginning with oldest and ending with newer ones.


American Robins crack me up.


Buttercups take me back to my childhood and making jewelry with them.


The mallard pair blend into the reflection.


I'll stop with the Canada geese. 



Penelope Notes said...

Haha … I vaguely recall something about buttercups under the chin and liking butter. These are all beautiful shots, Carver, and that expression on the robin’s face is priceless. It made me smile. Glad you’re able to work from home. As always, take care!

lissa said...

I like the shots with snow still on the tree branches, makes me kind of wish for winter to come back.

Have a lovely day.

DeniseinVA said...

Beautiful scenery and always lovely to see the birds. Thanks Carver 😊

Photo Cache said...

Oh I love the wintry scenes. Working from home too, but it's a directive here, we have no choice but to comply.

Let's all stay safe.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh I hope you can keep taking those mid day breaks because your pictures are wonderful ... honestly, that’s a great way to work if you can do it! Those poor daffodils bowing down in the snow made me sad ... and I remembered that when we gardened in Oregon, , pretty often a hard rain would knock my daffs down, sometimes for good. But it was nice to see the field of yellow in that later picture. You really have gorgeous flowers around your area.... Your Robin has a bit of an attitude )). Thanks as always for sharing your smiles, so needed right now. Be well, be careful.

Rambling Woods said...

Carver...I am glad to see you that are well.....stay well....Michelle

Kimmer said...

Hey Carver- just checking in on you. Glad you are at home and safe!
Much love.

lissa said...

Lovely shots.

If enjoy driving, I would definitely like to commute to work too. I think working in your pj sort of makes work less work-like, right?

Have a lovely day.


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