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Monday, October 6, 2008

Monochrome Monday: My Lawnmower

The shot above is my monochrome Monday offering but I thought I'd show you why I can get by with the lawnmower above. I love tall grasses and like the natural cycle to be allowed to run its course so I do very little mowing. My typical response to grass in paths is to dump a pile of leaves on them. Sections of my garden with wild grasses and mixed wildflowers run their course and in the winter I do some clean up. Below is what a corner of my backyard looks like today. Since my city has ordinances about how tall grasses can be I hope no one turns me in. I won't mention where I live in this post, just in case.
To find other participants of Monochrome Monday please visit the Host Aileni at Loose Ends.


Rambling Woods said...

I thought only my husband used a push mower. We tried to have some longer grass in the back yard and got turned in my our neighbors next door. Lovely people....

Aileni said...

We gave up mowing on the island and let the goats do it. Once we had reduced the marsh grass. It is also a thing of the past here because of the style of garden D'star and Stephen have made.
The mower is in keeping with the theme. I haven't used one inover four decades.

Petrus said...

Push mowers may be energy saving but they are such hard work .. I had one once.

Nice photo

Never heard of grass height regulations - do not tell the UK government ! We'll also end up with more laws and fines ..

babooshka said...

This is one way to keep fit and also better for the environment. Perfectly shot in mono for a nostlagic feel.

Mojo said...

Your secret is safe with me (*wink*)

I love the mower shot. "Old" things lend themselves so perfectly to black and white... Even if they're not actually "old".

magiceye said...

good on you mate!

CrazyCath said...

Good on you! This is great. Your lawn mower is just like the one my dad had when I was a kid. Does it have an optional bucket to attach? Ours had red blades I remember. What memories you have evoked!

leslie said...

LOVE the shot of the lawnmower! I like to keep my lawn cut short so have someone come in and do it weekly. :D

mannanan said...

Gosh I haven't seen a mower like this since, well since the old King diesd I'm sure. Great post

Liz said...

There are laws about how tall grasses can be?!!!

WE used to have a mower like that when I was a girl and it was my job to mow the lawns.

Dragonstar said...

It makes a superb photo - lovely collection of lines!

Sorry I'm so late visiting - life has been hectic this week!


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