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Monday, November 24, 2008

That's My World Tuesday: Across North Carolina

I thought I'd show the distinct parts of my state (North Carolina, U.S.A.) for this post. We have the Appalachian mountains in the western part of the state (including the Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains). I live in the piedmont which is in the middle of the state. To the east is the Coastal Plains and the Outer banks. One of the advantages to where I live is that it's an easy drive to the beach in one direction and to the mountains in the other direction.

I thought I'd show shots from each side of my state, and back home, in different seasons. The top left shot above is my neighborhood this spring. Then off to the beach this summer for the top right shot at Atlantic Beach, NC (those are my sisters in the beach chairs). The bottom left shot was taken near Blowing Rock, NC in the mountains. The bottom right shot was taken in my driveway 8 years ago when my daughter was clearing out the snow. Some winters we barely get any snow but that winter we had more than usual.

Above are two maps of North Carolina. The top map shows the different elevations in parts of the state. The red arrow is pointing to where I live. The second map shows the mountain to sea trail. Although it's not completed yet, eventually the adventurous hiker will be able to back pack from the mountains to the outer banks on a trail which will cover over 700 miles. UPDATE NOTE - As of 2011 the site for this trail now says the completed trail will cover 1,000 miles.

The shot above is of my globe with a red arrow pointing to where I live (Raleigh), on the lower right hand side.

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fishing guy said...

Carver: How very neat with the collage. I was trying to figure why the sand looked like snow they blended so well.

Texas Travelers said...

Great post with lots of photos, interest, and information.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful part of the country. My relatives came from that area in the 1830's.


Yen said...

Carver you live in such beautiful world! I love the photo of the beach:)


Anonymous said...

That is a perfect MyWorld post with great info for those who don't know anything about NC! Well done!
Cheers, Klaus

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us NC 101, I really enjoyed this. The photos are beautiful.

Leslie: said...

I have heard that the Carolinas are beautiful and have spectacular beaches! These are incredible shots and really prove it. :D

Louise said...

Great photos. At first I thought the beach one had snow in it.

imac said...

Very interesting post and great shots Carver.

Jeanne said...

Wonderful post including the globe and map. Don't think of you guys getting much snow down there but looks like you got a bunch in that picture. Thanks for sharing Carver.

babooshka said...

I feel so small, im a small world looking at these. It's like world's within worlds. It's a proper guide to your area.

mommanator said...

I love the snow/beach shot too! looked like she was gonna ski right onto the beach!

Anonymous said...

Nice introduction to NC. You capture the diversity of the state and its beauty quite well.

Indrani said...

Snow is something I have never experienced in my life. Must be interesting right? Great post!

Carletta said...

I thought the same as Fishing Guy. I kept looking at that and wondering how that ocean could be there so pristine and snow on the hillside. You had us going Carver!
When we lived in Virginia the Outer Banks was one of my favorite places to go.

SandyCarlson said...

Your state is one of the nicest and most beautiful!

pcpach said...

Looks like a nice area. To be able to choose between the mountains or the ocean is a nice option.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

WOw snow at the beach, now that's unique!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i have heard of that trail... It will be something else when finished. Wonderful photos... my best friend from nursing school lives near you... hickory... she says it is a 5 hour drive.
Wonderful photos!

Carver said...

Thanks so much to everyone for visiting. I see that my shots are a little misleading. The beach shot is summer and only sand but it blended into the snow shot in the winter back home in the piedmont. It does on rare occasions snow at some of the NC beaches but I've never been there when it happened. We don't get a lot of snow in the piedmont but most winters get some. The NC mountains get the most snow in the state and do have some skiing.

JC said...

Very nicely done! If I were younger I could be tempted to do that hike ;-)

Pernille said...

The collage is wonderful! Very interesting text and photos:) Thank\s for sharing:)

Bevson said...

In all the travelling I have done, I have never been to NC. It looks lovely.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

loved your post about your area and the easy access to the mountains and the sea...much like California(where I am originally from)...great photos.
thanks for sharing.


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