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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Being Chased by a Turkey Duck

For those of you who celebrate it, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. To find other participants please visit the home of Wordless Wednesday. This is for the Tuesday and Wednesday editions of WW.


Photo Cache said...

Is this for real? Pretty soon there will be a turducken too, right?

Happy thanksgiving.

jams o donnell said...

I've never seen a bird like that before. Turkey and duck? That's teh worset of both worlds!

julie said...

Is this an aberration or something :D He looks a bit scary.

Carver said...

I probably should have mentioned in my post that it's a muscovy duck but some people call them turkey ducks. I think they are a little scary especially when they are walking right up to me which this one was doing. They are wild and this one lake is the only place I've seen them where I live.

Strider said...

It looks so relentless.

Happy WW for Tuesday!

Dora said...

Turkey duck? Sounds interesting! ;)

Indrani said...

Turkey duck! I haven't seen one before. Weren't you scared?

Napaboaniya said...

LOL~ That's a first I've seen - turkey + duck :P
Wishing you a great Thanksgiving Carver :)

Lori said...

I have one word for him....DINNER!! Great shot...Happy WW:)

Sreisaat said...

Hi Carver. If I am not mistaken, those turkeyducks are the kind that's common in rural Philippines. I agree, they're scary and aggressive, too.

Maureen Hayes said...

Perfect Thanksgiving shot (well maybe not for the turkey - HA HA!). check out my WW post at:

Happy WW and Happy Thanksgiving!

Luiz Ramos said...

A duck or a turckey?
No matter.
Happy Thanksgiving.

June said...

Turkey duck? First time I've heard Muscovy Ducks referred to as such...I love it! We have many of these guys in Florida and I'm going to start calling them this :-)

Cindy said...

Who ate who!?
I'm here
Hope you can stop by!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

mommanator said...

thats pretty scary looking, but when seen in person, not so scary. Have a wonderful Holiday!

DNLee said...

Thanks for explaining, Carver. It is definitely a turkey looking duck, but a duck. I've have Muscovy duck - DELICIOUS!

Happy WW and Thanksgiving.

Mar said...

Scary-looking!! whishing you a wonderful holiday, Carver!!

NoBS said...

That's just crazy! I hope it doesn't put them in danger of "hungry" people!

Check out the liger on my post!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

What an interesting little fella! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

SabineM said...

Oh my that is scary!!!


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