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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sky Watch Friday: Frozen Lake, Blue Sky, Geese soaking up the rays


Please visit the home of Skywatch Friday for more participants.


Rajesh said...

Beautiful image, very scenic. Love the reflection of blue sky in water.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely! The ducks look very happy to me.

storyteller at Small Reflections said...

What amazingly BLUE skies above your frozen lake ... love the geese and the reflections too. Happy Sky Watch!
Hugs and blessings,

Regina said...

How beautiful and amazing!
All in one photo the critter , green water and sky.

Enjoy the weekend.


Photo Cache said...

the geese have it perfect. what a lovely sight. hope it's not too cold.

my entry today is over at

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello dear Carver
A perfect postcard here, fabulous blue sky and romantic landscape with all beautiful geese!

Daryl said...

Picture perfect!

Babooshka said...

Reminds me of the river I love so much here, and the reflective blue of the sky is marvellous.

overtiredmum said...

Oh - you got very close to the geese - I'm a goose wuss!

Might be cold but lovely clear blue sky - long may it last xo

Carletta said...

A beautiful landscape!
Lovely shot Carver.

eden said...

Such a lovely picture. Great shot

christina said...

Lovely shot and nice ducks!

Sylvia K said...

So lovely, Carver! Beautiful blue skies, love the geese and ducks! And the reflections! always a favorite of mine!

Have a lovely weekend!


Me and my puppies said...

That's what I need to be doing, soaking up the rays!

Stine in Ontario said...

This is a beautiful shot, Carver! I The Canada geese look a bit warmer than the ones I posted yesterday. LOL

The Good Life in Virginia said...

the geese are enjoying some birds :) lovely capture.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they're all sun-bathing :)
Happy Friday and welcome weekend!! :P

SandyCarlson said...

Marvelous photo, my friend. Happy winter!

Gena @ thinking aloud said...

Lovely shot Carver ... great detail on the water too!!

Jan K. said...

Great shot, Carver, it's a very friendly winter scene. The ice is beautiful.
Overhere in the Netherlands we have a very cold winter too. It's a pity we've had a lot of snow that has ruïned the ice. And there's more snow coming ...
Enjoy your weekend!

Grace Olsson said...

romantic view to a great shot,.congrats

lissa said...

looks like a nice summer day even though it's not

vincibene said...

Beautiful scene!
And I love your header!

Helena said...

Beautiful shot! The geese look quite comfy resting there. :)

Sharodindu said...

lovely shot.
thanks for sharing :)


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