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Monday, February 1, 2010

That's My World Tuesday: January Ends

Friday night I played around with some snow shots. I thought it almost ended up looking like the sky was filled with a zillion stars.
After snowing Friday night it sleeted a good bit of Saturday and then briefly changed to a little more snow that night.
We didn't get as much as they were predicting at one point and I know the birds were happy about that. Mrs. Cardinal on the left looks like she's posing for me.
I was happy that I didn't lose power where I live in central NC. I was ready for snow but not for power outages which I've dealt with before in winter storms.
Although wind can be bad in storms I think a lot of the snow and sleet were actually blown off tree limbs and power lines before they could create a problem. That's my theory.
The last day of January the sun came out and it almost looked like powdered sugar on the ground.
I've been helping the birds out with lots of food during the icy weather and they've been letting me photograph them in return.
I've also have fun photographing bird's foot prints next to my boot prints from the day before. Odd have they end up being raised.
I thought the tread on a print someone left on the left below was kind of interesting. My boots sank way down (below right). I hope it wasn't my size but was rather my boots that broke through so much more.
I've photographed so many different birds that these are just a sampling. There's something sweet about the morning dove to me.
The camellia bush got way ahead of itself this year but I like the way it looks.
So that's the end of the first month of January, 2010 in my world. Click here to visit other parts of the world.


Kcalpesh said...

It's a lovely world you're living in. Thanks for sharing these photos!

Pixellicious Photos

Daryl said...

Cold .. brrrr. but lovely .. I am so happy it was too cold here to snow.. I may be sorry in a day or so, seems we are due to get our share ... but then its to be expected in my experience February is the snowiest month in NYC

foto CHIP said...

The white world have come to stay it seems :)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots. First one definitely looks like stars in the sky.

Marie said...

Lovely winter shots. Your night sky is awesome.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, yes, COLD but so beautiful! Love all your wonderful captures, Carver, and the birds are so beautiful! Love the "stars in the sky"! Have a great week, stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Oh you got snow, that's fantastic. I love the bird prints on the snow.

Anonymous said...

Oh that poor flowering shrub covered in snow! I am so envious of your female cardinal shot! Yours is very good!

Indrani said...

Winter will be over soon, you have some great frozen moments. :)

Johnny Nutcase said...

the flakes do look like stars - cool shots!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Carver: Neat to see your snow an I'm glad you kept your power. Neat shots of the birds.

Carolyn Ford said...

That is weird that one shoe print is on the surface and another sinks...I really like the first shot of the nighttime snowfall...beautiful!

SandyCarlson said...

That top photo is utterly amazing. That tree is gorgeous. And the blue photo--the texture is just amazing.

Margaret Gosden said...

A wonderful January diary and series. Thank you for stopping by.

Hazel said...

Snow does have this magical effect on things. And good photographers like you capture it so beautifully. Your reciprocal relationship with the birds is very neat. Thanks for another visual treat.

Wolynski said...

Love the snow encrusted, colorful flower.
My, that's a load of snow. Glad to hear you didn't lose your power.

Regina said...

Another amazing snowy beauties!
Great captures.

lissa said...

it does look like stars in the first shot - love it!

lissa said...

btw, love the new header pic as well

Unknown said...

Doesn't snow just make everything prettier. We got the same weather although more of it here. I enjoyed your bird piccies very much.

Anonymous said...

What lovely snowy views from your wintry white world ... how nice that the birdies 'pose' in return for your generosity. Love the tracks in the snow ... the camellia ... and your amazing header photo is stunning!
Hugs and blessings,

storyteller said...

ooops ... I forgot to mention how much I LOVE your starry photo through the branches ... there's too much LIGHT where I live to see many stars at all ... ever!
Hugs and blessings,

Randi said...

Lovely shots of the cold but beautiful landscape. I love the first one - looks like stars dancing in the air.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.


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