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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ABC Wednesday: Choices

My name is Carver which begins with the letter C so I have many choices. I, Carver, took the shot below of a Cadmium yellow Cab in front of a museum in Manhattan. A couple of my family members are sitting on the right hand side of the shot by a column waiting for me and a couple of other family members to arrive in a cab. My family gathered in Manhattan, where one of my sisters lives, a couple of years ago for my 50th (half century) birthday.
abc wed ny 2IMG_0211
Many more than a couple of years ago, a camera caught a cute shot of me, Carver, in a cotton night gown lying on a cotton bedspread.
abc wed IMG_2644
Another cute shot from Carver's (my) baby book, shows me covered in a cotton towel.
abc wed IMG_2643
One last shot of baby Carver, shows me with my couple of sisters on either side while I'm standing up in my crib. That may be a portable crib or playpen since other shots of baby Carver in her crib show a much higher different style crib. All three of us are wearing flannel cotton night clothes.
abc wed IMG_2657
For other participants choices for the letter C, please visit the home of ABC Wednesday.


Cezar and Léia said...

hehe AMAZING idea dear Carver,you are always so creative!
Beautiful Choices and Cs!
I loved that picture , I mean "baby Carver"with a cotton towel, so cute!
Thanks for sharing,
and congratulations for so wonderful idea!BRAVO!opsssss it's B, oh okay, you know what I mean! LOL

Naquillity said...

ahh, you're so sweet. great use of the letter C too. have a great day.

Mojo said...

What a colossal and creative collection!

Sylvia K said...

Carver, you are so creative and clever and I love your C post for the day! The pictures of you as a little one are adorable! Have a wonderful day!


Amy said...

A very creative "c" compilation - congratulations!

Leslie: said...

Such CUTE pictures of you as a baby and with your sisters. Love the CAB too.

Roger Owen Green said...

My, a CLEVER post with CARVER (i.e., the CREATOR of the post) in the 3rd person.

Reader Wil said...

Cute and charming, dear Carter! Thanks for sharing!

Leo said...

ahh.. the photos take one on a time travel doesn't it? :) good post for C, Carver!

photowannabe said...

Very Cute and clever Carver.
i love seeing what people post for ABC Wednesday.
Very original.

Rajesh said...

Wow! you name itself is one of the best choice for the occasion.

Hildred and Charles said...

What a sweet babe - and your cadmium cab looks very elegant!

Eldritch the Dragon said...

Clever Cs Carver!
Love Eldritch

Gramma Ann said...

I loved your choice of C today. You put a smile on my face, as I read about Cute Little Carver.

Annelie said...

A cute little Carver I must say!

Annelie E, ABC Wednesday Team

Anonymous said...

These are surely great images. May time and life continue to treat you all kind. Please have a good Wednesday.

daily athens

Carol said...

Clever choice for C. Love the vintage photos.

Cheryl said...

Very clever Carver. I almost went with Cheryl but blah. Love the baby photos. What a cutie patootie.

Julie said...

I really enjoy seeing old photos of people and hearing just snippets of their story. I am sure that you have been confronted with many choices throughout your life. I enjoyed the way in which you put this post together.

Wanda said...

I creative. You have a delightful post of C's.

Tes said...

creative take on C, Carver! Those photos are precious! :) You look so cute! :)

Daryl said...

What fun old photos and such contrast to the bright cab

Anna said...

Well Carver, you certainly did get a lot of good C-words in your post! Very clever!
You were a cute baby.
Best wishes,
Anna's Cats

Anna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tumblewords: said...

Creative Carver, certainly! Cool.

Mom vs. the boys said...

I love old photos! no offence on the 'old'! lol

Ayie said...

that's a very Charming Carver right there

Nydia said...

Such fun and cool post, Carver!

You were a very cute baby!

Kisses from Nydia.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

awww i am very glad that i stopped over here at carver cards! so nice to get this early peek at you!


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