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Monday, August 9, 2010

That's My World Tuesday: Wake, Franklin and Granville Counties in NC

It was too hot for a walk this weekend so Bill and I went for drive beyond the subdivisions and into predominantly rural areas for a change of scenery.
my world frm IMG_2842
There were sturdier people out on excursions than we were. I was amazed by the number of cyclist we saw in the 90 plus degrees heat who were probably on fairly long rides based on where we saw them.
my world bike IMG_2878
The shot below is a blur but it gives a better idea of the number of cyclist that were braving the heat. We saw a number of clusters of cyclist like these.
my world z bk IMG_2833
It is reassuring to me that there are still some rural areas not too far from the triangle area where I live.
my world IMG_2880
Sometimes it feels like the whole area has become so overtaken by suburbs that there aren't any farms or woodland (except for parks) that are left.
my world hse crp mIMG_2885
It was reassuring that there are still some parts of the area which are relatively untouched by the explosion of developments. I mention three counties in the title for this post because our drive encompassed these counties and I didn't pay much attention to which photographs were taken in which one. Wake is the county where the city I live in is located. Granville is a North Carolina county that borders Wake to the North and the north edge of Granville county borders Virginia. Franklin County borders Wake and Granville to the east.
myworld grdc IMG_2897
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Naquillity said...

i've always enjoyed riding around like this. it's interesting to see different perspectives. great pictures. i don't think i could ride my bike a long way in this heat though. have to admire people who can. hope all is well.

Daryl said...

nice shots .. love the bikers

Rambling Woods said...

We have more rural areas just a short distance away and I agree..I like it that way...

Photo Cache said...

great shots. i live in the 'burbs but every now and then i find driving around a more rural setting very good for my soul.

have a lovely week.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots of country side.

Sylvia K said...

I love taking rides like this, exploring new areas. We're a little to close to the center of Seattle to be able to find many spots. But we do have the islands of the coast that are always fun! I love your photos as always, Carver! Enjoy your day!


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Carver: What a neat ride into the rural area of your world.

EG Wow said...

I guess rural areas are being swallowed up everywhere. You live in a very pretty area, Carver!

Ania said...

Seeing just the first photo, before reading your post I thought I'd like to explore that place by bike! It is great to have some truly rural area in the vicinity.

Starnitesky said...

Those cyclists are dedicated riding in such heat. I love to go for rides in the countryside, you have some lovely views nearby.
Enjoy your week.

Siromade said...

Lovely photos, I like watching group of bikers it's fun looking at them.

Samson said...

lovely shot's carver.... I like the one with the blur.. it gives a sense of motion :)

My Entry is Here

Anonymous said...

Even if it's scorching weather, all that green makes it seem like it's cool and comfortable - at least from here.

Al said...

Very beautiful shots of lovely farmland. We live near a city but far enough away that we have a couple of acres.

Indrani said...

What an exhilarating experience it must be to bike there. Great pics.

Carol said...

Beautiful shots of those rural areas; Looks similar to Ohio.

Nicole said...

What a super gorgeous green place!
Love that shot with the bikes coming at you and the farm shot.
So wonderful green :D!

Riet said...

Beautiful countryside and I am sure the bikers love the trip .

Lesley said...

I love going for drives along country roads and am saddened every time I see one of those signs announcing a rezoning for development.

Ann said...

I have never been to a barn, when i see photos, i wonder why either there are no windows or the windows are very small.


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