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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Weekend in Black and White: rocks and water

I love to watch water passing over rocks, even when there aren't significant falls. I find it beautiful the way water looks like brush strokes on rocks.


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Bonnie Bonsai said...

I do so too as once in my life we used to live in a place where a big river was not far behind us. It was my place of refuge when I felt sad, angry, frustrated and disappointed with life. There I stared at the water running over the rocks, some would trickle in between them and in the midst of the river where boulders sat, waters gushed powerfully to create thundering drum sounds.

Lovely shot to remind me of a childhood scenario.

renewd42 said...

Beautiful! I too like black and white sometimes. It gives the pictures such a different look! And I enjoyed your pictures! blessings! Lisa :)

REJEN said...

I love to look and be near by the water, it gives some peace to the mind, when you just sit an relax by the water...

@nemonen said...

Lovely water photo. Like it!

Marie said...

I do agree with you Carver. Water is an interesting element. Lovely to a photoeye.

Dragonstar said...

Water is so soothing. I like your treatment of this photo.

Irene said...

Relaxing scenerey!

Cezar and Léia said...

This looks really like a painting, incredible photography!
God bless you!

Greyscale Territory said...

Beautiful awareness of water textures and movment in this photo!

lina@home sweet home said...

The water and rocks looks amazing in black and white :)

Genie said...

Your beautiful water and rocks shot with the light glistening so brightly reminds me of areas around the house that I so love to photograph. I find myself doing it all the time...especially on my way home from work. This photo is lovely.

Ayie said...

water and rocks are always interesting subjects to's just so fluid and has great depth

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful... The water looks very... calming. =)

Anyway, here's mine.. Hope you could visit back and drop a comment. Thanks a bunch!

Birgitta "foto CHIP" said...

Yes water is fascinating indeed - and so fun to experiment with in photographng!


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