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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Weekend in Black and White: Reflecting

I thought the color version of this photograph detracted from the white flowers' reflection in the lake which is the part of the shot I find interesting.
I'm including the color for comparison. Which do you like better, black and white or color? For me the green is too dominant in the color one.
Click for the weekend in black and white.


B i r g i t t a said...

Like a Monet in bw :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely B&W.

Cildemer said...

I love the B&W one! But it is very nice in colour too!
Thanks for sharing;o)

Have a nice and happy weekend****

Maude Lynn said...

Definitely the B&W!

anemonen said...

The B&W photo is stunning and I like it better than the colored one.

lina@home sweet home said...

I love B&W more :)

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Nice cadre and definitely black and white :)


Unseen India Tours said...

Beautiful and Lovely shots !!Great Post !!Unseen Rajasthan

Dragonstar said...

I agree about the Monet feeling. The reflection really stands out in B&W.

Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour sweet Carver,
thanks so much for the two views, I love it in b&w, and the color version is also beautiful!
Hugs and a great Sunday

Anonymous said...

The color is a distraction. I much prefer the B&W interpretation.


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