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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ABC Wednesday: F is for Frozen

First I thought I'd show you my frozen daffodils.

Sunday night we had freezing rain that changed over to snow and then back to sleet and freezing rain.
I have missed not having snow this winter so I didn't mind the frozen mix.
I went out early Monday to snap some frozen shots before it melted.
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Mar said...

Oh, frozen flowers!! don't think they like that but your pictures are beautiful as always! I am hoping for sunshine today.
Happy ABC

F is for...

aka Penelope said...

Oh, the tiny frosty cap on the budding rose melts my heart. :)

Roger Owen Green said...


ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Annie said...

These are great shots! I was so excited to finally get some snow but it melted before I had a chance to take any photos of it. I like yours a lot. The daffodil will bounce back, I bet.

Reader Wil said...

Your frozen flowerbud is beautiful, but I hope the bud will open into a gorgeous flower.Have a wonderful ABC Wednesday!

Wil, ABC Wednesday Team.

Berowne said...

They had a song about Autumn Leaves; maybe there should be one about Frozen Flowers. :-)

Carol said...

Oh, your frozen fotos are fabulous! The freeze is not good for the flowers but is great for photography.

EG Wow said...

Sorry to hear you've had a nasty freeze when everything was looking like spring!

Hildred and Charles said...

Well, despite the frost they are lovely fotos.

Meryl said...

Oh how sad.... I love daffodils - they are so cheery!

Paula Scott said...

Ooooo! I love that one of the frozen camellia (poor camellia)

Kim, USA said...

Wow how come you still have flowers. My daffodils won't blossom until late spring. But I do not know this time if it will bloom early we had many warm winter days. ^_^

Letter F

chubskulit said...

Such a clever idea to go out early and snap these beauties!

Forty Three

Chubskulit, ABC Wednesday Team

Gillian Olson said...

Oh, those poor flowers look so sad.

Hazel said...

The frozen bud looks like the tip of the cinnamon bread I used to eat in college. Yummy! I hope the frost goes away and let them rose and daffodils rise and shine!

Ann said...

isn't it too early for roses? Sleets, that's the worst.

Indrani said...

Great photo opportunity for you.

Sallie ( said...

Oh poor little daffys. We lost a camillia and a daphne bush one winter (when we had our house in Oregon) because of a freeze and thaw and refreeze -- I cried! Hope your plants do OK.

Andy said...

These are great. That last one looks a lot like some sort of dessert...or maybe it's just me feeling hungry (smile).
Thanks for sharing.

A Flower In My Mirror

lissa said...

looks cold but I do enjoy seeing shots like these, as if time can be freeze and enjoy.

hope you have a sweet february.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

wow. These are excellent frozen shots - the daffodils in particular.


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