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Monday, February 6, 2012

Our World Tuesday: First few days of February

The first day of February I was startled to see a bunch of blooms at a corner shopping area so I whipped out my camera.

Back at home the brown thrasher was thoroughly washing.
The rufous- sided towhee below was staring in my direction as if to say leave me to bathe in peace.
We've had a lot of rain this winter but not a drop of snow.
I was photographing a male cardinal and didn't even notice the other bird in the frame until I downloaded the shots.
In the next shot the male cardinal has turned around and I think that's a house finch above it in the right corner.
One more of the male cardinal and this time he has turned back to face me.
The female cardinal was quietly perched below.
My oak trees in the shot below have a sort of feathery look to their limbs which I think is caused by the light.
The lenten rose (hellebore) below is starting to get a reddish tinge.
I hope we get at least one decent snow before spring arrives in earnest but I hope it isn't cold enough to decimate all the premature growth. Click for the home of Our World Tuesday.


EG CameraGirl said...

Yikes, your hellebore is already looking pretty. Mine are far, far behind yours!

That bush must be a perfect hiding place for the birds as a few seem to like it there.

Judy said...

I need to get my feeders filled now that we're back...I miss the birds coming.

LadyFi said...

Oh wow - it looks like spring already!

We have minus minus minus temps here and lots of snow!

Penelope Notes said...

Oh, I hope for the beautiful little rose that is reddening around the edges that it doesn’t snow. It has been a milder than usual winter for many across Canada, too. But I have known it to snow on Valentine’s Day.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots of the bird. Their presence is so cheerful.

Unknown said...

Wow have you got spring!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Sylvia K said...

My reaction is the same as others!! Wow! It does indeed look like spring already!! What terrific captures and so much beauty! I have to admit we're enjoying some beautiful weather for a few days, but it doesn't look like this!! Have a great week, Carver!!


Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Lovely shots, Carver! Those cardinals are amazing!
When you are posting beautiful flower photos like today, you may want to join my Floral Friday Fotos meme:

Gillian Olson said...

Love the bird shots and the hellebore is really something.

Ebie said...

The rain had given you great blue skies and clouds! We needed the rain so much for our desert wildflowers.

Its looks like spring is just around the corner for your world!

Indrani said...

You are getting an early spring I guess. Terrific captures.

Kay L. Davies said...

I laughed at my friend Penelope's comment "I have known it to snow on Valentine's Day" on the west coast of British Columbia, because I've known it to snow in May out here.
I love your bird-bath photos. I won't dare put out my bird bath until late May.

Shydub said...

The bird sure had a busy and fun time washing in that bird bath

Our World Tuesday | New York City

Ramakrishnan said...

Beautiful pics as always. The one of the Thrasher washing is awesome.


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