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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Weekend in Black and White: Gull flying


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Laura said...

beautiful Carver. We have been seeing many gulls here since the hurricane, which is unusual as we are inland.

I hope that you will consider sharing an offering for this year's 4th annual gratitude word quilt. You can find information about the project and how to participate at the top of my blog. If you’ve already sent something thank you and please forgive my poor memory. The quilt is growing quite expansive and with only first names, I can’t always remember who already shared. Feel free to write in your native language google translate is available on my blog so every one can read and understand one another. Every Blessing~ Laura

Lucy said...

Lonely atmosphere.

HansHB said...

Great B&W photo!

Bia Hain said...

Linda paisagem e voo do pássaro! Um abraço!

O mirante da imagem

Monica said...

Great b&w shot, Carver!
Have a nice weekend:)

Monica said...

Great b&w shot, Carver!
Have a nice weekend:)

Łucja-Maria said...

Welcome to Carver!
Very nice picture of black and white.
Have a nice weekend.

kleppanrova said...

Nice photo!

Dragonstar said...

I love the textures of the water.

lina@home sweet home said...

Gives me peaceful feeling!

Robert Nicolaescu said...

Beautiful shot!
Best wishes!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Perfect. Just sheer perfection in black and white.

Annemor said...

Just wonderfull.
I miss the gulls in winter.
Have a nice evening.

Indrani Ghose said...

Very moody capture!

Ruby Manchanda said...

What a perfect black and white shot.

PrairieJill said...

Beautiful image!


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