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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ABC Wednesday: M is for morning glory

Marvelous Magnificent Morning Glory
Morning glories don't bloom until late summer here so I had to go to my photo archives.
I love morning glories but they can be invasive.
It was hard to decide which summer shots to use as I've photographed them a lot.
I decided to try and show some of the different varieties that spring up in my yard.
I have more of the purplish ones than the other varieties.
The vine below was climbing around my roses so eventually I had to remove it.
The next one had a visitor.
The last variety has smaller flowers than the others but larger leaves.


ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful flowers, fantastic colours. I am greeting

Team G Square said...

Lovely flowers and thanks for sharing different shades of this beautiful flower.

Mar said...

I love these flowers, your pictures are magnificent as always!
m is for ...

Łucja-Maria said...

Oh, Carver!
I would like to see such beautiful flowers.
For me today, it was snowing. Is it very much.
Greetings from a long, snowy Polish.

Roger Owen Green said...

looks as tho you put a tiny light bulb in some of those trumpeting flowers!

Nanka said...

Oh yes!! They reminded me of the beautiful phonographs of another century!!

Wanda said...

When you see those lovlies from Creations..just makes me want to break out in Song... singing Good Morning Glory~~~~

Anonymous said...

Magnificent and creative photos of Morning Glories for M ~ ^_^

Hildred said...

Lovely variety of beautiful morning glories, - one of my favourites.

Anonymous said...

vivid colors. they just jumped at you. i really enjoyed the one with the bug too.

photowannabe said...

I didn't realize there were so many varieties of Morning Glories.
I really love the deep purple with the pinkish throats.

Cindi Summerlin said...


Ann said...

Morning Glories are magnificent!!

Rajesh said...

Very lovely shots of morning glory flowers.

Leslie: said...

Absolutely MAJESTIC photos!

abcw team

Cezar and Léia said...

Impressive close ups!These flowers are magnificent,so wonderful intensive colors!
Great set of images, thanks for sharing!

Gattina said...

Just beautiful ! we have these flowers here in Belgium too, but I didn't know that they were called Morning Glory in English !
ABC Team

Gillian Olson said...

Love the dark blue purple ones, great shots.

Indrani said...

Wonderful macro captures of the morning glory! Lovely shots!

Chubskulit Rose said...

You took gorgeous shots of the morning glories!

Making my rounds for letter M.
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Lise said...

Beautiful shots! I love the blue/violet one with the dew drops...stunning:)

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Carver, we had morning glory all over our fence out back. I'd get up early and sit with coffee, huddled under a blanket with a good book, waiting for the shy little deep blues to show their faces. Thank you for a beautiful memory.

Also, the articulation on that bug was amazing. You are so talented! Amy


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