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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our World Tuesday: Spring Full Throttle

My azalea bush is close to eating my mail box as you can see on the right hand side of the shot.
The mockingbird keeps an eye on me when I check my mail box because it has a nest deep within the bush.
The dogwood is the state flower of North Carolina.
In the lower part of the shot below is a male cardinal which is the state bird of NC. The top bath has a bluejay and on the right is an American Robin.
I love how soft the bluejays feathers are after a bath and primping.
Sunday morning was a perfect day for walking at Shelley Lake.
We started walking along the creek that feeds into the lake.
I love the way the Canadian Geese look when they bend their long necks.
I could hear more geese and ducks than I saw because this time of the year they tend to go to protected spots and spend less time on the wide part of the lake.
Some of the trees are covered in wisteria.
It looks like the duck is on mud but it's really on the part of the water that's covered in pollen.
If you look near the top of the next shot you can see the pollen film on the edge of the water.
It looks quiet on the lake but I could hear the noisy geese and ducks that had their own protected spots along the creek beds feeding into the lake.


Penelope Notes said...

I knew we had a special connection … the dogwood is British Columbia's floral emblem too. I wonder if the mail carrier worries about getting gobbled up by the azalea or getting pecked by that cute nesting bird!

Indrani said...

Spring is beginning to show its lovely colors! Great captures.

Anonymous said...

What lovely spring shots!

Photo Cache said...

Oh my goodness, your azalea bush is huge. It must have been old. How delightful it is when springtime comes and your garden is bursting with blooms.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

And now we know it's spring...with the pollen covered water. I'm sure that's the way our ponds in Oregon would look now if we were there.

Beautiful pictures (I just had to mention the pollen first because it's the only part of spring up there that I DON'T miss!) The dogwood and azaleas make me home-sick.

Great bird shots!

Randi said...

Beautiful spring-shots! Love your blooming trees!

Anna said...

Gorgeous Spring captures, Carver!
Love the colors...
Warm greetings from Holland,

Sylvia K said...

How lovely your world is all dressed up for spring! I love the azalea and the birds! Delightful photos and a beautiful post for the day as always, Carver!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful environment you live in !

Please have a good Tuesday ahead.

Karen said...

Gorgeous shots of spring in your wolrd Carver. I love that ruffled jay in the bath!

genie said...

You share the most beautiful pictures form your walks. How lucky you are to have places like this to stroll along with your camera in hand. The dogwood has to be my favorite. I live in Asheville for 18 years so still have a place in my heart for the dogwoods. genie

NatureStop said...

Great spring shots and a lovely walk. Thanks for taking me along. Have a great day!


Kay L. Davies said...

I'm rather late commenting, and I see my good friend Penelope Puddle has already mentioned dogwood being the provincial flower of BC, my home province. The BC bird is the Stellar's Jay which is similar to the bluejay. Your just-bathed bluejay is adorable, though.
I'd love to see a mockingbird, but never have.
Thanks for a lovely spring tour. Living in Alberta, I'm trying to get used to late spring colors...nothing for a month yet, except perhaps irises and, if we're lucky, a tulip or two.


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