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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Monday February 22 through March 6, 2016

Usually I don't like cars to get into my building shots but the green truck coordinated quite well with the green roof in downtown Durham, NC.


The red car went with the red trim too.


I don't usually spend much time walking on the parts of downtown Durham that are building intensive because I like to go to a garden near where I work.


For a change it was fun shooting some of the older buildings.


The next few shots were taken when I got home from work and the rain was so hard it was flooding my deck and walks.


On my way home I heard a tornado warning about a group of cells in the general area where I worked and to seek immediate shelter.


Since I was driving away from the tornado cells I sought shelter at home.


I don't think there were any confirmed tornadoes that touched down but it was pretty intense.  The next day the weather turned cold but was beautiful.


We've had some great skies to shoot.


I love clouds in all shapes, forms and colors.


The rest of the shots are from the first week of March.


There are beginning to be more and more signs of spring although the weather goes back and forth.


I like early spring signs that hold so much promise.


I hope we can avoid any severe weather for awhile.


Spring flowers can handle a bit of frost but drastic drops impact blooms.


The average last frost where I live is early April.


Trees like the one below always remind me of enchanted forests.


There were a lot of trees down in the woods at Blue Jay Point Park in Wake County, NC.


The woodland shots are from a walk there today (Sunday).


It was chilly but a perfect day to walk.


The Japanese Magnolias aren't doing well this year. They started budding out too fast when we had a warm spell during winter and then got zapped by ice storms.


Most of the ones I have seen appear to have about half their normal amount of buds that look viable.


DeniseinVA said...

I liked the old buildings in the city. And the rainy ones too. Glad you were okay. We had tornado watches also,which is very unusual for us. Great series of photos.

YTSL said...

You've got a good variety of photographs there, Carver. :)

Penelope Notes said...

Funny how the colors of the cars do enhance those architecturally rich buildings. I have been hearing about the storms and dramatic weather in your neck of the woods. Hopefully, spring will take a giant leap forward and calm restored.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You know I totally understand that you do fewer posts and I am doing the same thing too... But there are always on yours so many things I want to say something about .. You can say more in a very few words (and a beautiful picture) than anyone I know in the world.

So ...I really would love to visit Durham ... I need to try to figure out why we missed it when we traveled thru your state. I am sorry about the weird weather patterns that caused those beautiful trees to bud too soon. And I am envious (as I tell you every year) of your of early Spring ...a season I really miss here in Florida. But don't let my envy stop you. (;)))... I look forward to your spring birds and flowers .., the only way I'll see most of them at all is through your posts.....

Anonymous said...

Wonderful signs of spring!

Photo Cache said...

Oh I will miss the profusion of magnolias on your blog this year then. The tornado is very scary.

lissa said...

wonderful shots epecially the rain ones and the cloud ones.

hope you enjoy your day.


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