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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring Fever 2016

Part of why I love early spring is I can still enjoy some naked trees which I like as well as ones beginning to flower.


I had a bad case of spring fever this week so I went for a lunch time walk at work.


When I primarily worked from home on the occasional days I had to work in the office I almost always went on photo walks.


Now that I'm working at the office every day I like to get in early and leave early to avoid the worse part of the traffic and don't usually go on lunch time walks.


I decided to bring my camera to work one day and go on a walk in honor of spring fever.


I don't take photographs all the time like I used to.


I do try to make sure not to miss captures of each season and seasonal changes.


Probably my favorite season isn't a season at all.


My favorite time is that in between point between each of the seasons.


I like the first flowers as well as the lingering bare places and waving brown grasses.


I started to say amber waves of grain and I do like the amber you sometimes get but I also like the browns and tans.


For me the dots of color here and there from early flowers are more beautiful when the winter hues and tones are also around.


I revel in each individual flower or flowering trees during early spring in ways that I don't during the peak growing season.


I'm the same way at the end of summer when the first fall leaves begin to change.


Seeing specific leaves that have changed to their fall colors and some of the late flowers that are hanging on after early frost delight me in a similar way to early spring.


I took so many shots during my lunch time walk this week that I didn't eat my sandwich until I was back at my desk working.


There are so many changes going on that I'm hoping we don't have anymore frost.


The next 10 days, if the forecast holds, will continue to be mild but we still have over three to four weeks to go until the average last frost date.


Although I only live less than 30 miles from where I work, the average last frost where I live is one week before the one where I work.


All of the shots above except for the first one were taken in Durham, NC during a walk this past week.


The previous shot and the rest of the shots were taken in Raleigh, NC where I live.


This is certainly becoming a long illustration of spring fever.


Although some of the Japanese Magnolias don't have very many blooms due to early buds getting zapped by low temperatures in winter, there are still a fair amount in my neighborhood.


The next several shots were taken at Logan Trading Center today (Saturday) in Raleigh.


Bill was picking up garlic and periwinkle and I picked up some wildflower seeds.


The painted scene in the background of the next shot is on a trailer.


I guess I'll end with one last shot I took after returning to my neighborhood.



Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

I also love the barren garden and trees where colors and flowers start to pop in spring...such a beautiful sight!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I for one just wanted this post to go on an on forever. I love your meditation on 'between seasons' and I know just what you mean. And I miss that (it really doesn't happen down here in the subtropics). As I know I have told you so many times already that you are sick of hearing it.

I almost got stuck on your header shot of the daffodils and forgot to read the rest of your post (same two sentences as at the end of the previous paragraph ;>). They are so beautiful.

But oh how glad I am that I did read it. It is just beautiful where you work and where you live this time of year. I hope you don't get a bad frost either place.

Thanks for this lovely post; I really enjoyed the visit!! (I really wish I were there in real life ... or in Oregon ... just for a week even. It's nice here now too, but I do miss early Spring.)

Anonymous said...

Now this is my kind of fever! Gorgeous shots.

Penelope Notes said...

All nice shots, especially the last one with the country house … brick and shutters and mailboxes remind me of what I imagine to be gentile days of old. Now that you mention it, the in between times of seasons has great appeal. The single little bud unfurling can be a more hopeful sign sometimes than a sea of flowers. :)

Photo Cache said...

Spring is such a joyful time of the year. It's impossible to be depressed when beautiful flowers are everywhere to enjoy.

Indrani said...

Enjoyed the series you have presented. The in between time between 2 seasons is indeed the best!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I really didn't think you'd have a new post yet -- I just came back for a daffodil fix! And magnolias. and so forth!

DeniseinVA said...

Wonderful series of photos Carver. Lovely to see the spring flowers and your area. That is a great coyote statue, or maybe a wolf :) Enjoy your day. Great catching up.


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