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Sunday, April 29, 2018

March 21 through April 29, 2018

The first shot was taken on March 21 and I was glad the snow was short lived because we were well into spring.


We even had a tiny snow in April but I would have missed it if I hadn't looked out my window in the middle of the night.


We've lucked out in the triangle area of NC because the below freezing temperatures we have had in April have been short enough not to cause much damage.


I probably shouldn't say that since I'm not a farmer.


I don't know whether it's been a hard spring for North Carolina farmers or not.


I spotted the sign in front of a house in Durham and I LOVE it.


I've been tempted by the bicycles in downtown Durham since it's fairly flat.


I haven't tried to ride a bike in my neighborhood in ages because it's so hilly.


The shot above was taken looking up in my yard and the shot below is a neighbor's yard.


I love wisteria and shot the vine below on the Shelley Lake path.


The next shot is in my driveway facing the house across from me.


The shot above and below were taken around a week ago when my phone kept signalling that there was a hard frost warning.


It was only below freezing briefly and I didn't notice any damage to speak of.


The shot above is looking up in my driveway and the shot below is a neighbor's tree.


The next shot is around the corner from my house.


Bill and I went to the WRAL azalea garden last weekend for a walk.


Everything was looking very good.


They have a variety of flowers and ornamental plants.


The cardinal below was bathing on my deck yesterday.


I also shot the American Robin yesterday.


I took the rest of the shots today during a walk at Shelley Lake today (April 29, 2018).


I took a ton of shots of the great fisher otherwise knows as a great blue heron.


I think this is known as success as long as you're the fisher and not the fish.


You probably can't see them in the next shot but there are 5 Canada Geese babies and 2 adults.


I zoomed in on some of the babies.



Penelope Notes said...

So many wonderful shots, particularly of the blooming flowers. It seems as if your spring is way ahead of mine even though it seems a bit colder where you are. We both live in paradise I think … especially when you have nice people leaving such welcoming signage. Lovely!

YTSL said...

Great selection of shots! And I too love that sign you saw in Durham! :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Absolutely gorgeous around your neighborhood -- and based on that and the wonderful sign, it's my kind of place!! The flowering trees and the tulips planted near where those bikes are parked make my heart sing! I never see tulips ever here, but our daughter texts me pictures of her yard and they make me happy. We do have flowering trees -- different from what we had in Oregon -- everything is more flamboyant here it seems like. You seem to have both the flowers from there and the ones from here.... best of both worlds (except for your occasional ice and snow -- but that's why you DO have the northern flowers.

I loved this beautiful Spring wander!!

lissa said...

it looks like a nice spring in your neighborhood - all those colorful flowers and trees are quite lovely to see.

have a lovely day.

Photo Cache said...

What lovely shots. I really enjoy when you share all these beautiful flowers.

DeniseinVA said...

Hi Carver, sweet photos and I loved that sign. That is my kind of neighborhood.


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