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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Late Spring Vacation in Key West


I usually select photographs for a blog post and then upload to flickr so I can embed the photolink.


I did it differently this time because I wanted to upload more shots to flickr for a friend who is from Key West, FL to see what her hometown was looking like during my vacation.


This is making it harder for me to figure out which ones to include in this post.


It was nice to get away for an out of town vacation and I also took some time off once I got home because my adult child was visiting for mother's day and to help me deal with my house.


The photographs are all from Key West although the narrative will skip around.


The AIDS memorial is very touching.


I've lived in the same house since 1984 and although I don't have plans to move it is overwhelming to think about a change that would involved packing up. By the way I live NC and although I have tried my best to hide my house in overgrown bushes, I haven't accomplished a hidden house like this one in FL.


Avory offered to help me look through stuff and decide what I was ready to get rid of and what I wanted to keep.


We got a remarkable amount done.


It also motivated me to keep going with the rest, a little bit at a time.


A lot of these shots are from the Key West public garden.


A friend of my sister's is on the garden board and took us around while supplying us with interesting information about the plants and Key West history.


I love gardens and always find it interesting to see ones with different growing conditions.


I feel a bit guilty about the bird below although my brother in law set it free.


When I started photographing him I thought he was on the outside of the screen resting.


As it turned out he was caught between the glass and screen door.


I usually avoid cars in photographs but the red car and red flowers seemed to go together.



Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You went to Key West!!! What a great vacation. Even though we were already in Florida the year we went there, it was still like a vacation, because there is really nothing else like Key West in the whole country (at least in my opinion). You took some wonderful pictures and they make me want to go back there again sometime.

Avory is a good daughter to help you get started with this major task (and I say that as one who has been through it already because I am so much older than you!) It was sort-of easier for us because we were selling out to travel ... in a way ... and sort of harder because it was such a final thing to get rid of 'stuff'. I was happy afterwards, but weepy while we were doing it.

Penelope Notes said...

The photos and Gibran saying are wonderful. Life is fluid, constantly changing yet the same. Just thinking about the task of moving from a home lived in for decades really does make one want to stay there and simply declutter. Thank goodness for daughters!!

Photo Cache said...

Oh what beautiful shots of your vacay. I haven't been to Key West and I've always wanted to go.

Photo Cache said...

No wonder you were on hibernation mode for quite a bit there. Looks like a good vacay. Nice to see you here again.

DeniseinVA said...

Fantastic photos Carver, I have always loved your photos. I loved Key West. It has been many years when we were last there. Good luck with the move. It is a tremendous task. We haven’t moved since 1991 and vowed we would never move again but never say never. Who knows?


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