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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Summer Synopsis

I'm going to start with an early summer walk at the JC Raulston Arboretum at NCSU.


I always photograph the lath houses when I walk around this arboretum in Raleigh, NC.


Out in the rest of the garden this whimsical tree caught my fancy.


I don't think it's alive but makes an interesting feature including being painted in spots although that doesn't show up well.


Above is a rufous sided towhee on my deck.


We've had so much rain this summer that by and large everything has stayed very green.


Appropriately the two shots above were taken on a greenway walk. 


I think there almost needs to be a Canada geese crossing guard.


Peter Cottontail was frozen with fear so I took the snaps fast so he could be on his way.


I had surprisingly good weather at Topsail Beach, NC in late July.


There was a chance when we went to the beach to join some friends that it would be stormy the whole time.


Fortunately the storms were scattered and didn't interfere with much.


We had a stormy lunch and a stormy evening but the weathered cleared each day for walks on the beach.


I prefer fluffy clouds against a blue sky over all blue.


I definitely had some beautiful skies to shoot.


The only time I prefer a solid blue sky is when it's been raining for many days in a row without a break.


In spite of having a wet summer we have had enough breaks in the rain most weeks that I'm mostly glad for the rain to keep things wet.


The humidity has been pretty intense some days but usually improves after a shower.


I had trouble picking shots from the beach.


The shot below was taken when it was muggy and I had trouble keeping my lens clear.


I took a bunch of shots that looked like there was dense fog.


Most of them were unusable.


I guess I'll stop here.



Penelope Notes said...

The dead twisted tree is a fine work of art, indeed. And what wonderful puddles the surf provides … the sky reflections captured on the sandy beach floor make me want to jump right in!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I Enlarged the whimsical tree and saw the red wreaths -- I like whimsy! The lath-houses make great angles for photos.I agree with you about sky pictures -- solid blue is almost as boring as solid gray (although blue certainly feels better). Always love seeing your deck birds and loved the gull and the long-legged shore bird with its watery reflection. Lovely post altogether, and best of all is knowing all is well with in your beautiful corner of the world! (I will never forget that beautiful golden beach grass in contrast with the blue sky and ocean from our one wonderful trip through NC!)

lissa said...

that whimsical tree tells a story right there.

the views on the beach looks so serene. the beach shots looks amazing.

I hope you're having a nice cool summer.

have a lovely day.

YTSL said...

What a great set of photos! Particularly love the snaps of the hare/rabbit and the beach views with reflections of the sky on the water.


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