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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Summer of 2019

The photographs in this post are moving backwards in time.


I'm starting with a walk today (August 25, 2019) at Shelley Lake and will end with shots from June, 2019.


In spite of the heat it has been such a wet summer than it looks more like June than August here.


Saturday was very wet but we had a perfect Sunday for a walk and I was happy to see the egret above and the great blue heron (7th and 8th shots).


I think that the earth has had its hottest summer this year but the NC Piedmont hasn't been as hot as some summers. That said the humidity has made it feel very hot.


Today was perfect, not too hot or too humid.


I have air conditioning and sometimes a hot summer is even worse in places that are usually cooler because not as many people have air conditioning.


Of course there are people without air conditioning in some of the hottest places.


I remind myself of people that not only don't have air conditioning, they don't have adequate shelter. I am very fortunate.


The shot above is the last one from August, 2019.


I don't know what to call these concrete structures along the path that's beside a creek that feeds into Shelley Lake.


I've asked Bill on more than one occasion but my brain can't hold onto the name.


In any event I'm not sure if the paintings were organized or people just decided to improve on them by partially covering the concrete.


I love reflections and tend to shoot them a lot.


I've seen foxes on my deck off an on for years but this is the first time I've had a young one napping on my deck when an adult doesn't appear to move it off when I'm watching from the window.


I've seen this young fox off and on for months and it doesn't seem bothered by me at all.


I don't go out on the deck when I see it. I don't want it too comfortable with people.


There have been a lot of mourning doves (above) and brown thrashers (below) on my deck.


The rest of the shots are June 2019.


The sidewalk art is on the road with several trails leading to Shelley Lake.


Hard to believe that summer is almost over.


I always like a change from heat so look forward to a continued cool down.


This little chipmunk has showed up on my deck from time to time.


I think the birds below are house finches.


The American Robin below has a bittersweet berry in its mouth.


Below its drying off after a bath.



Photo Cache said...

Hi Carver. I'm glad to see you post occasionally. I cannot believe that fox in your deck. You must be close to the woods or did that fox cross the length to your deck. Have you seen more than one fox there?

Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Carver said...

I left a comment on your blog but to answer your question here too in case anyone else wonders, I don't live in the woods but I've let my backyard go totally wild and I've had fox families that I'm pretty sure built a den in my yard. I live near a large park system with trails and woods that support a bald eagle family, deer and I'm sure foxes.

Penelope Notes said...

These are lovely pictures as always, Carver, giving great insight into your world. Oh, the young fox looks comfy curled up on the deck. I wonder if it was looking for somewhere to cool off and there is probably water nearby. It seems some places rely on air conditioning more than ever nowadays but wildlife with their furry coats and feathers on must find the heat extra hard.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

If I ever again lived in a house with a yard, I would want to have your courage to let it go wild! Amazing to have foxes .... and the birds are great.... We don’t have A/C here in Oregon, because it is , just as you say, usually cool. We are grateful we live in a shaded apartment.

lissa said...

That fox seems so relax there. Lovely seasonal photos, I also love reflection shots especially with water.

Have a lovely day.


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