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Sunday, October 6, 2019

September through October 6, 2019

Thank you to Lissa who blogs at the memory of rain for my header. I have enjoyed her art and writing for many years and greatly appreciated her giveaway during a blog anniversary.


I had a choice of options and said that I thought a badge or header would be great and mentioned that I change my header for each season.


I didn't mean to ask for 4 badges or headers but she kindly did that so I thought I'd start with the one for fall.


I'm sort of jumping the gun since my part of North Carolina won't hit the colors like the ones in the header for another month but I'm so ready for it.


She used one of my fall photos for the header design and at first I didn't even realize it was one of my shots until I noticed it was my neighborhood lake and I know Lissa is in Manhattan. Thanks to Lissa for designing this and ones for other seasons!


I noticed how the trees have stayed so fresh during this summer that the September shots I took looked more like June.


The reason is we had a lot of rain during the summer months although lately it has been dryer.


The worse part of this summer didn't start until October or maybe it was just noticeable because it wasn't seasonable.


Last week broke records all over the place with one day hitting 100 F (37.7 C). 


It's not unusual to have some hot days well into the fall but that's nuts.


Fortunately we finally are going back to more seasonable temperatures.


I wasn't sure how much more I could take of the heat.


I think the snake above may be a copperhead but I'm not sure. I definitely kept my distance.


I have gotten used to foxes on my deck and actually enjoy having them visit but the one above seemed larger than a fox.


The flicker and finch weren't as close to each other as it looks like they are in the shot above.


I usually only see the flickers on my deck when it snows but I guess it needed the water I supply.


I didn't realize chipmunks were as small as the one above. I photographed one a few months ago and thought it was a baby but if it's the same one it hasn't grow any.


I enjoy the fairy asters that always bloom in my yard at the end of the summer to early fall.


I am running out of things to say so I must have selected too many shots.


I have enjoyed seeing early signs of fall that have happened even when the heat made it feel more like summer.


I had trouble getting a good angle on the egret.


The last shot is one I liked because of the reflection.



DeniseinVA said...

Great post Carver. Beautiful scenery and always love the animals and birds. The snake was very interesting. I have never seen a copperhead before. Your header shot is super. A beautiful photo and a neat design to it. I will check out the link To Lissa’s Blog. Thank you and have a great week.

Penelope Notes said...

The header is fabulous, Carver, and gives me a lift just looking at it. I believe that is your photo but enhanced as if the walkway were drenched within a beautiful rainbow. Good job, Lissa & you. Sounds as if it’s been wildly hot in your neck of the woods. I suppose even the fox and snake are looking for shady spots and water.

lissa said...

I didn't set out to make seasonal badges, I just picked out photos that I like.

I enjoy seeing your forest/tree shots. I really like the reflection shot.

It seems like you have a lot of creatures visiting your deck. That fox looks like a wolf to me.

Have a lovely day

Ruby Manchanda said...

Long time. And your photographs are amazing as always.
Welfare unto all.
Rab rakha.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a neat prize to win! The Autumn header is great and I’m sure the others will be also, though I hope it’s a while before you have to switch to Winter, since you are barely starting your Autumn season. (100 degrees is nuts any time IMO, but especially this time of year, good grief. I think you had a Coyote on your deck! I’m not sure what to think about that. Lovely green and lovely birds in your yard and walk. You never need to say much ...your pictures. Tell your story beautifully.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hi Carver. Thought of you today and hope all is well. Is your coyote still howling? We leave for Florida tomorrow...hoping we don’t get stranded by storms at some airport along the way.

Photo Cache said...

Hi Carver,

Hoped your Holidays was wonderful and spent with all the ones you love. And may the new year bring more blessings from above.


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