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Monday, March 30, 2009

That's My World: Dogwood - State flower of North Carolina

In 1941 the North Carolina Legislature approved the dogwood as North Carolina's State Flower. I love dogwood trees at all stages and have frequently posted shots of their bare limbs against the sky on my blogs, as well as pictures of them in full flower. Below is a shot I took today of one of my dogwoods which shows the stage it is currently at. Not quite in full flower but will be soon.

The rest of the shots are of the dogwood flowers from the spring of 2008 so you can see what they look like when they are in bloom. First a white dogwood flower.

Below is a pink dogwood flower in full bloom. I had to laugh because I can tell by the little bit of my sleeve showing while I steadied the branch that I was wearing my pajamas. I do sometimes go outside to take photographs in the morning before I'm dressed.

The last shot is my dogwood tree in full bloom during the spring of 2008 and my azaleas were also in bloom. I am facing down my driveway towards the other side of the street from my house. Usually when I photograph my dogwood branches, I face the other way so I can get individual branches against the sky without the oak tree branches getting in the way. In another week or two my world should start to look like this again.

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Sylvia K said...

These are absolutely exquisite shots! The colors, the sky, the clouds -- just breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful part of "your world"! Marvelous post, Carver!

Louise said...

We don't have dogwoods here, and I miss them. (I love them more than I used to before I moved here probably because we don't have them.) These are all fantastic captures. I think the first is my favorite, but all are excellent!

ewok1993 said...

Oh dogwoods are pretty close to magnolias, aren't they. I didn't realize that they come in colors other than white. Thanks. Those are really pretty blooms. I think I would like one in my garden too :)

Janie said...

I love dogwood trees. We don't have them in Utah.
You have some beautiful photos of them.

kayleen said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful flowers. Isn't spring grand?

Nebraska Birding

Gmirage said...

Wow on the first shot!!!

I like the angle and how the branches spread out! The flowers are equally beautiful too.

Mojo said...

It may not even take that long with all the rain we've gotten lately. My dogwoods are already busting out. Won't be long before the "Yellow Haze" begins though. My "favorite" time of year.

Babooshka said...

These are so beautiful. I have always like the idea of a flower representing an area. It's also a sure sign of spring.

Guy D said...

Fabulous shots, I love the colors.

Have a great week!
Regina In Pictures

Gaelyn said...

Ah, the Dogwood, surely another iconic sign of spring. I love the lacey look in that first image.
And that last shot must provide you with much pleasure. Great captures. Thanks so much for sharing.

Arija said...

Spectacular garden! I particularly like the dogwood against the diffuse new greeen of the osk. Dogwoods are splendid when grown in or near their native habitat. I struggled with a couple in my mountain garden but lost out in the end.

SandyCarlson said...

That first shot made me think of Swiss dot fabric. Lovely, Carver!

Lew said...

Gorgeous dogwoods and azaleas! They are two of my favorites too. Ours are nowhere near blooming.

Barb said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I sometimes go outside in my pj's, too. Gotta get that picture!

Indrani said...

Your world is so colorful today. I enjoyed this tour very much. :)

2sweetnsaxy said...

The shots are beautiful and so are those little flowers. I can see why you like this treet.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

OK Carver, we did "My World Tue" (but not in the grand, multi photo fashion). Thought about Ruby Tuesday since we like color so much. Any ideas for Wed? Can't imaging going wordless. Love the dogwoods, by the way. You must be about a day ahead of us re: blooms.

W. Latane Barton said...

I love the last photo but they all are wonderful.

Marites said...

Very beautiful pics of dogwood. A friend has a dogwood in his yard:) I wonder if it looks like the one in the last pic you got here. It's so beautiful. I didn't know that dogwood is the state flower of NC.

Lantaw said...

the first photo is definitely a keeper! Nicely spotted.

Erin said...

gorgeous shots you have each and every one.
thanks for posting them.
have a wonderful afternoon.

lissa said...

love the first shot, and the closeup of the flowers are lovely


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