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Monday, April 13, 2009

That's My World: Downtown last week in Raleigh, NC

All of the shots in this post were taken last week downtown in Raleigh, NC. I live in North Raleigh and don't get downtown as much as I used to so it's fun to photograph that part of my town when I'm there. You can click inside the shots to enlarge them.
The first shot is taken facing the Capitol on Fayetteville Street and the second shot is taken walking towards the other end of the street and facing Memorial Auditorium.
I like the hodgepodge of building downtown although I'm not sure how I feel about the identity crisis with Fayetteville Street. It was originally a street which was turned into a pedestrian mall and then not too long ago the pedestrian mall was ripped up and it has gone back to being a street.
You can read about the history of the street on this city link but in short the street has been part of the city since 1792 when the city was designed. In 1977 the street was turned into a pedestrian mall and then in 2006 the mall was ripped up and it was turned back into a street for cars. The Federal Building above has always been among my favorite buildings on Fayetteville Street. It was the first federal government project in the south following the civil war.
All of the shots in this downtown post were taken on Fayetteville Street except for the very last one. I wish I had been into photography more during the time where it had a pedestrian mall, for comparison, but I wasn't.
The last shot was taken on another street downtown and I'm including it because I liked the reflection I caught in the building.
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Louise said...

What a very pretty area (and a lovely day for it,too!). Sad about the pedestrian mall; those always feel so nice.

Sylvia K said...

What marvelous shots of your city! And and old and beautiful city at that! Love your blue skies! any chance you could send some to Seattle???? I enjoyed your world today, as always!

ewok1993 said...

Looks like a very interesting part of town. I like pedestrian only areas too.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Beautiful place to walk about. The sky is wonderful.
Thanks for sharing
Have a wonderful week
Mary ElizabethBlog.

Martha said...

It's an interesting contrast between old and new buildings. I prefer the old though they are hard to heat and cool.

antigoni said...

Great photos. The buildings are fantastic.

ViennaDaily said...

You certainly have so many informative places to go to...Wonderful city!

Cezar and Léia said...

Beautiful city! NC is a wonderful state to live!
Everything looks clean, nice and welcome!
Many thanks for sharing these pictures.
There are a contrast between old tradition buildings or houses, and those modern huge buildings! Cool!

Kind Regards

Babooshka said...

Raleigh to me is Walter and bicycles but since blogging I am coming across your Raleigh a lot. Blogging a neverending source of info. Fabulous images a real sense of the place.

Merisi said...

Beautiful images!
The reflection in last one in the series is brilliant.

Too bad that a pedestrian mall has been eliminated!

kayleen said...

Neat series of photos. Some very nice historic buildings.

Thanks for stopping by. I tried to find more info on William Young but totally struck out. One wld think there would be some reference to the man the cemetary was named after, and whose cabin is at the cemetary. But I found zip. Maybe I'll bump into it later on...

Janie said...

Yes, great reflection in the last shot. You have both modern and graceful older architecture. Raleigh seems like an interesting city.

Snapshutter said...

I was there just a few weeks ago. Wish I'd had you as a photo guide as I had no idea where to go for some good photos.

Erin said...

enjoyed your post very much...the idea of changing streets from pedestrian areas to streets really bothers me as the funding for these changes come out of our federal tax dollars. but, over time areas change and i suppose there is reason behind the changes...personally i prefer less traffic in downtown areas myself. but that may not be everyones preference.
anyone...enough of my rambling...have a lovely week.

Wren said...

This looks vaguely familiar from my one visit there. You've captured the city at its best to share with us.

Arija said...

Love the old buildings of varying sizes jumbld together. A lovely place you live in. Thank you for sharing.

Ebie (The Main-Ingredient) said...

That's a beautiful downtown area. The city has different contrasting buildings.

Indrani said...

That was wonderful city tour! Fantastic shots.

Mojo said...

OMG! That last shot? That's my parking deck in the background. The building with the awesome reflection is a steam plant believe it or not. But it's a remarkably neat one -- has to be with all that glass giving the passers by such a great view of it.

maryt/theteach said...

Downtown Raleigh is a beautiful urban area, Carver! Thanks for commenting on my Monochrome post! :)

SandyCarlson said...

My daughter and I are in your state this week and loving the daylights out of it yet again. I hope progress yields to pedestrians yet again.

Lew said...

Beautiful shots of downtown Raleigh! I lived in Raleigh when I was in the first 4 grades and remember some of the sights, especially the Capitol and the auditorium.


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