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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ABC Wednesday: H is for Hills

Hills were covered in Christmas trees when we headed past the North Carolina foothills some time ago.
Higher in the mountains, in Blowing Rock, NC the Moses Cone Manor House sits high on a hill.
mountains,Blowing Rock,NC,Moses H. Cone Memorial Park
Hiking in the Virginia mountains (shot below) involved heading up a number of hills.
The Virginia hills were dotted with color since the last shot was taken a few Autumns ago.
For other takes on the letter H, please visit the home of ABC Wednesday.


Mojo said...

The Cone estate is an old favorite of mine. Did you know the manor house was used to film the scenes at the nursing home in the movie version of The Green Mile?

Naquillity said...

those pictures are great. the area is really nice. hope all is well.

Cezar and Léia said...

The mountain is HUGE! :)
Adorable post, you have a great choice for this theme!

Daryl said...

This post and the other are just a joy to view

Sylvia K said...

Gorgeous pictures for the H Day, Carver! What a beautiful area! I can see Fall is beginning to put in an appearance! Hope you have a wonderful day!


photowannabe said...

Totally beautiful Carver. I love walking those hills with you.

RuneE said...

That must be a nice area for hiking, especially with all those colours around.

Nicole said...

*me looovvveesss hills*
Maybe not the Christmas tree one, but the manor house,... *swoon*!
That must be beautiful close up and imagine the view from up there :)

Nicole said...

*me looovvveesss hills*
Maybe not the Christmas tree one, but the manor house,... *swoon*!
That must be beautiful close up and imagine the view from up there :)

Jedediah said...

Kate Bush is singing in my head now :) Lovely photos.

EG Wow said...

Lots of great shots with Hs in them, Carver!

Lyn said...

Such beautiful country!

Leo said...

Carver, your attention to detail in photography, its just AMAZING :)

My H Post

Manang Kim said...

Awesome sight and I love that house on the hill. Happy Wednesday!
ABC Wednesday-H

Mara said...

Gorgeous photos. And I love those Christmas trees. For some reason I never picture them growing somewhere, I only see them decorated with all my baubles and lights!

Gramma Ann said...

The pictures are beautiful. I always liked the beautiful mountains in Autumn.

Modern Mom said...

The one is my favorite.

Have a great day.

Mine is here.

Shey said...

Makes me already think of Christmas. How time flies. :)

Great photos. Reminds us to go out there & enjoy the day.

Gunsside said...

Lots of lovely nature.
Great shots ;)

Julie said...

Oops ... I am becoming travel sick with all your uphill and downdale, Carver. Lovely travel images though and I do like to traipse through the countryside.

Hildred and Charles said...

Beautiful country, Carver, - and beautifully captured in your photos.

Wendy said...

The colors and richness of your photos made me wish I was there right now...I always love your photos. Perfect "H". Thank you :)

Tumblewords: said...

Beautiful scenery - love the mansion high on the hill!

Anonymous said...

How incredible a sight. Thank you for this wonderful escape during the night. A good Wednesday for you.

daily athens

Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful countryside there, but my imagination was caught by hills covered in Christmas trees -- magic!!
Alberta, Canada

Roger Owen Green said...

lovely; the last shot is my favorite.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Carol said...

Lovely photos. Very nice H post.

Vernz said...

what a beautiful world we have ... it's really a sight..

Hope you can drop by
My ABC Wednesday post here

Wanda said...

Very beautiful. The last picture looks like the foothills where I live in Southern California.

Leslie: said...

Such beautiful photo of I'm sure a beautiful area of your country. And I'm sure it will soon become even more beautiful with all the autumn colours. :D

Ann said...

Do you get to choose the trees like in the movies?

We have a suburb, prime property, but for generations, the owner is planting christmas trees.

Carolyn Ford said...

Beautiful hills...I can imagine how much color there will be in just a few weeks! Wow!

Denise said...

There's a lot of beauty in this country. I enjoyed NC through your camera lens. Wonderful shots!
An English Girl Rambles

Paula Scott said...

All those hills make me huff-especially having to hike up them! Great post.

Linda said...


I recall driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway and marveling at the lush scenery. Also stopped at Blowing Rock.

Wonderful photos.

caite said...

look at all those cute little trees.
great photos!

Kero said...

wow! nature really is full of glorious H!! wonderful post and photos Carver!

my H entry is here

Indrani said...

Lovely series of shots.

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Tutte le foto nel tuo blog sono molto belle.
Ho scelto questa perchè rappresenta la montagna.
Assomiglia a quella mia in Italia.
Buona serata :)


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