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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Weekend in Black and White: Bike Rack

I noticed this bike rack at Lake Lynn and it reminded me of one another blogger photographed, maybe for the weekend in black and white, maybe for another theme.
I wanted to crop out the cars but that didn't work for the whole shot because at the edge there was still part of the cars. Therefore, I decided to show the full shot above and a crop of part of the rack below.
I think I prefer the cropped shot. Click for the home of the weekend in black and white.


Cezar and Léia said...

The shadow is unique, a fabulous work with your camera! :)

Naquillity said...

i think that second one is best too. it draws your attention to what you want seen. those cars are somewhat of a distraction, aren't they? do you have photoshop elements? if so, you could blur that background out all together. hope all is well. have a great day.

KaHolly said...

Very cool photo. I like them both, but prefer the cropped shot, as well.

Lui said...

That's an interesting scene.
I like the first shot though.
It captures and situates the geometrics well.

Have a great weekend!

Genie said...

Nice in black and white, and the shadow adds so much. I like the way the metal flows from one side to the other. Lovely capture.

Lucy Corrander said...

If I had cars in a photo, I'd want to crop them out - so I understand that. However, in this case, I think the cars give it a context and I prefer the larger picture with them in.


Jane said...

The cropped one looks like the Letter "H", nice shot with the shadows being cast by the sculpture:)

Dragonstar said...

I love the croped shot, the shadow makes it look like writing. The first shot would be great without those cars.

James said...

I think they both look cool. Another idea would be to crop the cars out of the top photo.

Anonymous said...

great photo! you should join the Shadow Shot Sunday meme, too!

Anonymous said...

I like the bike rack.

I recently posted a similar shot for this meme at

lina@home sweet home said...

I love the cropped shot. The shadow is awesome...

LauraX said...

love this strong shadow from the bike rack, great shot Carver!

London Caller said...

Wow... This is excellent!
Light and shadow can do a lot of tricks.
Well done.

Y. Ikeda said...

I love lighting/shadowing effects in this B&W photo, especially the first one! Composition is great, too!
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

Johnny Nutcase said...

what a neat shot that shadow makes!

Anonymous said...

I prefer the first one. There seems to be a drama going on with the shadow of the rack comapred to the dull background of the cars. That works really well for me.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very cool images. I prefer thae last one :)
regards Halina

London Caller said...

Oh, did you enjoy Polish food?
I quite like their pierogi. ;)

SandyCarlson said...

Super photo!

Ann said...

Too cold for biking, Last week, New Zealand had a biking week, and students who cycle to school are tgiven rewards.


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