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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ABC Wednesday: P is for Peekaboo

 Picking peekaboo shots put me in the position of looking for shots I normally wouldn't consider as good as others.
The catbird above was playing peekaboo in the mulberry tree and ordinarily I would have gone with the shots when its face wasn't hidden.
Primary among the criterion I used for picking peekaboo shots was part of the animal was hidden like the pretty bluejay above. The neighborhood puss below was peeking out at me from my deck although at this point I keep my gate shut to discourage pussycats from scaring the birds that bathe on my deck.
The pretty swallowtail butterfly was peeking out from the coneflowers and grasses several summers ago when I took that peekaboo shot.
Peter Cottontail was playing peekaboo in my grass several summers ago.
The squirrel was playing peekaboo on my deck wall recently.
My neighbor's cat was playing peekaboo in my primroses recently.
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Cezar and Léia said...

Ah, those tricky critters! You've put up a nice series here!
God bless you!

aka Penelope said...

Peekaboo is the perfect word to highlight these photos. The theme is playful and suddenly turns what might have seemed like imperfect shots into interesting stories and in some cases (like the curious orange cat or the butterfly hidden by flowers) pretty works of art. :)

EG CameraGirl said...

OH, how clever you are, Carver!

Hazel said...

Charming post! Look at that cheeky black cat :) I love the butterfly.

photowannabe said...

What a fun and clever post today. I guess it pays to even keep the pictures full of peekaboo-ness.

Meryl said...

What perfect fun these photos are! I leave with a wide smile. Loved the post. Thank you.

Paula Scott said...

A very clever approach! I love it! Also reminds me of all the fun I've had playing peek a boo with all the children in my life.

Indrani said...

That can be really frustrating, but then you turned them into a fun post.

Luna Miranda said...

a fun post---the cat photo is my favorite.

Ann said...

What a delightful post--peekaboo is such a fun word. Your critters playing peekaboo are adorable. Thanks for coming by.

Starnitesky said...

Perfect series of photos for the letter P!

Roger Owen Green said...

I especially like the first cat. One can barely see the one side of his face, which is fascinatingly creepy!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Anonymous said...

love the ginger kitty lazily lounging about.

happy may day.

Anne said...

Fantastic photos!! What a great theme, peekaboo shots, love it! And holy crow, your neighbour's black cat is identical to my Winston, attitude and all! lol

jill said...

Lovely photos.x

Kay L. Davies said...

Fun photos!

Gillian Olson said...

Great series, love that ginger cat!

Mar said...

I love your choice of word and your pictures!! just lovely.

P is for...

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Beautiful creatures big and small ! thanks for sharing.

Rambling Woods said...

cute post Carver..thank you for your comments on my blog..You are right...

Rambling Woods said...

You are far ahead of where we are..but it is warming up..Birds tilt their heads because of the way their eyes work..I will have to do a post on that but here is some good info

chubskulit said...

Your neighbor's cat seems like crying hehehe. Lovely photos.

P is for Pizzaroni
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Carver, lovely pictures, and a clever answer to the prompt! I admire your "out of the box" thinking, and that last image of the cat, camouflaged partly by closing its eyes and ignoring you, is SO catlike! Thanks for a day-brightener. Peace, Amy

Annie said...

This is a very creative collection - I'm amazed at how many playing peekaboo shots you have. I hope the neighbors cats don't scare all your birds away.


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