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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Weekend in Black and White: Patterned by Nature

The mesh looking thingamajigie is actually part of a 90 foot long, 10 foot wide, LCD glass ribbon snaking through the Nature Research Center's 5 story Atrium in Raleigh, NC. It has 3,600 sandwiches of LCD glass which cycles through clips of 20 patterns found in Nature. For more information you can click here.
Click for the home of the weekend in black and white.


Cezar and Léia said...

Spectacular composition, I like so much b&w in your picture, it's great!

EG CameraGirl said...

Very cool in B&W! Great choice for monochrome.

Dragonstar said...

It sounds a wonderful thing to see. I like your photo very much.

Maboe said...

I like!

HansHB said...

A great post for Weekend in B&W!

michael bird said...

Impressive, Carver, both the photo and the subject of the photo.


Seems like a very elaborate, out of reach piece of subject matter for viewing! Overall composition interesting!

Monica said...

Amazing and very interesting to read!Great photo,- a lot lines and curves!
Have a nice weekend:)

Sallie ( said...

I think it's actually a thingamabob ;>)...but I love how you find these photo ops. (And I learn from every one of your posts!)

Indrani said...

LCD glass ribbon?! I could have never guessed. Modern architecture is so complexly beautiful!

Rune said...

Fascinating shapes with broken curves or lines, well selected and presented in this picture. Have a nice weekend!

lina@home sweet home said...

I guess it's my first time to see something like this. Great shot!

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Amazing capture

jewaicious said...

What a fantastic capture of contrasts and geometrical lines. A beauty.

Laura said...

excellent composition!

Genie said...

Carver - All of your photographs of this so-called thingamajig are wonderful, but this one I call awesome. I wish I could see it. What a treat that would be. genie


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