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Thursday, October 31, 2013

SkyWatch Friday: end of October

I caught a pretty sunset from my bedroom window this week.
Before long the sky will have bare branches against it.
I followed the birds from the sky to the tree.
Some of the trees are still beginning to change colors.
There are a lot of evergreens mixed in that don't change colors.
Quite a few trees are nearing their fall peak.
I like the way this line of trees are different colors.
Nice to have some cotton batting clouds against the blue sky.
Soon the leaves below will drop and I'll see more of the sky.


EG CameraGirl said...

You have such a lovely view of the westrn sky from your bedroom window. It's so nice to see the colourful leaves - many of ours are now on the ground. ;)

Judy said...

What a pretty view, I sure do enjoy mine as well. Same as EG, most of our leaves are on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Lovely colourful skies. Love the leafy shot - the last one - so gorgeous!

Photo Cache said...

fall is my fave time of the year; the colors are so lovely.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful...that row of multicolored trees is gorgeous -- that makes me realize what it is like to live in a place where Fall color is spectacular!!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful sunset and wonderful trees lined across the road.

Ranten said...

The last picture was especially beautiful!

Sylvia K said...

Such a beautiful way to end a day, Carver and wonderful captures!! Love the colorful trees and leafy shots! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Have a lovely weekend!

Steffi said...

Wonderful photos for SWF,Carver!Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend.

Barb said...

That "chorus line" of fall trees is special! I love the cotton ball sky. You've had some pretty blue sky days there this week.

eileeninmd said...

Carver, the first shot is lovely! A beautiful sunset capture! The Autumn trees are gorgeous, I love all the colors. Have a great weekend and Happy Skywatching!

Laura said...

Boo-tiful skies! Happy Halloween:-)

Dee said...

Very nice

Karen said...

I love pink in the sky!

lina@womens perspectives said...

Wonderful varieties, Carver.
We only had gray skies recently.

Light and Voices said...

Nice series of shots from your bedroom window.
JM Illinois

Hildred said...

A wonderful collection of autumn photos...

Jan K. alias Afanja said...

Wonderful shots, Carver. I love your blue skies. Overhere it's completely grey and wet now, so your skies cheer me up!
Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

genie said...

Would you please send of those beautiful skies our way. It has not been a very pretty week here and now it is windy and rainy. Love the cottony clouds. They make me think of batting I used to use in quilts. Such a pretty post.

DrillerAA09 said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year, but the colors are fleeting and we must capture them when we can. Nicely done. I'm off to photograph some color today.

Anonymous said...

beautiful series of photos ~ love the beautiful sky shots for SWF ~ thanks, carol ^_^

Indrani said...

I liked the orangish skies and leaves! Great series!


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