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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ABC Wednesday: U is for Up

I had lunch at the Daily Planet Cafe in Raleigh, NC and kept thinking if I looked up I would see Superman take off.
After lunch, my friend held up the planet.
If you look up near the top of the next shot and spot the white streak you may be asking: Is it a bird, Is it a plane or is it Superman. I vote for superman.
ABC Wed UpDSCN6242


EG CameraGirl said...

How kind of Superman to hold the world UP for you. ;)

Roger Owen Green said...

Remind me never to bhother your friend; too strong!

Marcy said...

Your friend is doing a great job with the world! great perspective

U is for...

photowannabe said...

Love the streak in the sky. I vote for Superman too.
Great story for the letter U.

Leslie: said...

What an awesome place! I want to go there and hold up the planet, too! :D

abcw team

Kate said...

I have always loved globes but have never seen as UNIQUE as this one. Kate, ABC Team

Anonymous said...

uniquely themed cafe. i like that idea. do they have superman photos/posters inside?

ChrisJ said...

Your friend almost has his/her right hand almost on the spot I chose for ABC Wednesday.

Indrani said...

I too vote for Superman! :)

Obsessivemom said...

Lol. Super man it is. Loved your lighthearted take on U.

Ann said...

What a fun place, I love the story of Superman and the Daily Planet.

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Is Perry White the bartender? Ha ha. Loved this! Amy

Marie said...

Oh, that's great! I love it!

Suzy said...

Oh how cool. Loved the pics and your take on the prompt.

Suzy-Someday Somewhere


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