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Friday, May 13, 2011

First Weekend in Black and White is lost

I suppose my original weekend in black and white post may come back. Google blogger was down and my skywatch and black and white were lost. I don't feel like recreating the lost posts which might reappear anyway, but if they don't, this was shot with my new Nikon 500 today. UPDATE - My original post did come back into my post list (Note for those of you who lost scheduled posts -I had to manually post it even though it was auto scheduled). You can get to that post by clicking here and it is railroad tracks, if you want to check that one out too but I think I like the shot I did for this new post better.
Click for the weekend in black and white.


Dragonstar said...

Great photo! Enjoy your lovely new camera.

Our lost posts should reappear "In the coming hours" according to Blogger Buzz - and that brings its own problems, as I had 'The weekend in Black and White' scheduled before the glitch. When posting became possible again I rushed to repost. Will we now end up with TWO posts for this week? ;)

Karen said...

That's an amazing shot! I love it.
Two of my posts were lost today as well.

Anonymous said...

You may have 'lost' a shot but gained another good one here.

Nicole said...

Both posts are gorgeous!

lina@home sweet home said...

My lost posts have reappeared.
I love both, Carver

Margaret Gosden said...

Lovely capture!

genie said...

I bet you think you are in heaven with your new camera. Sorry you had the trouble with Blogger worse than some of the rest of us, but am glad you got your photos back. This is an awesome shot. He looks like he is actually right here in the room with me he is so clear and sharp. Wonderful.

Unknown said...

Beautiful bird!


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