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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nature Notes and Our World: End of September

There were so many birds at the bird baths that I got some shots before cleaning the baths and putting in fresh water.


Very blurry but I like the personality that comes out in the next shot of the American Robins.


The juvenile robin was turning its nose up at me.


At first I thought the pink grass at the NC Art Museum park had some white grass mixed in but it turned out to be dew.


The next soft sculpture is new and it will take me a while to decide what I think about it. 


The little girl gave scale to the next large sculpture.


The child had on purple wellies which were adorable on her.


The evening are getting cool which has given us some very pleasant mornings for walking.


The new trees which went in a few years ago when the new museum addition and reflecting sculpture gardens were put in are becoming established.


Before long there will be some bare trees which is what the next sculpture reminds me of.


My dogwood trees are changing more every day.


I was photographing my next door neighbor's dogwoods when I was startled to spot the pink blossom on the tree beside it.


Their Japanese Magnolia has a few blooms which is bizarre. This tree loses its leaves in the fall and sets buds in late winter. The blossoms are in early spring before the new leaves grow. I have never seen it bloom when it has leaves at the end of the summer.


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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Today's Flowers: Lunch break walk

I took advantage of cooler weather this week to go on a lunch break walk during the one dry day.


I love the way some flowers are going to seed and some are blooming.


I like all the stages of growth and decay.


Seedheads promise next year's flowers as well as food for the animals.


I like the way this garden is nestled into the downtown area.


None of the trees in this garden were changing colors yet.


Here and there around town, I'm starting to see a few fall leaves.


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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Weekend in Black and White: Demolition

I was struck by how the play sculpture in the park blended into the demolition at a certain angle and looked like it was part of it.


Next is a shot I took several months ago before the demolition.


Last a wider view of after the demolition.


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

SkyWatch Friday: Different every day

It's a cold rainy day today but looking back to Saturday night we had a beautiful sunset.
Our weather is always changeable but this time of the year the changes can be the most dramatic.
Today (Wednesday) was sweater weather.
Sunday was pleasant and not too hot but warm enough for shorts.
It's supposed to start drying out tomorrow and our weekend forecast looks good.
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nature Notes and Our World: Signs of Fall Begin

Although we still have mostly summer greens in my neck of the woods we're beginning to have a few trees wearing early fall colors.


We drove across town to Johnson Lake for a Sunday walk instead of walking at the lake in my subdivision.


The humidity was intense but fortunately there was a breeze and the air temperature was pleasant in the morning.


There were a bunch of mallards hanging out at the lake.


I'm reminding myself to enjoy the greens since apart from evergreens they will be gone soon.


This time of the year I focus on any leaves that have changed colors.


My porcelain vines have tons of berries.


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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our World and Nature Notes: Wrapping up Summer

I didn't take any photographs this week so I decided to pick shots from June, July and August that I haven't posted on my blog.


I think it's funny how the ducks appear to be joining all the walkers and joggers but going in the opposite direction.


I'm grateful that this was a very mild summer.


The juvenile robin below posed for me.


I have been surprised at how many deer have found their way to Shelley Lake's woods. I never used to see them there in the past but I think as the developments continue to gobble up more and more of what used to be rural and forest areas, the deer are forced to find suburban parks to move to.


Last but not least is one of this year's fox babies who was grown up enough by late August to come up on my deck without its parents. Usually when I see the foxes, the whole family comes to my deck for water.


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