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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ABC Wednesday: T is for tile

The tile I used when I remodeled my bathroom was also used for a landing at the bottom of my deck stairs leading to the garden.
I have a bathroom garden, so named because I created it years ago when the remodeling crew killed the grass beside my driveway where they tossed the debris before carting it off. I have assorted tile for edging which a friend gave me when it was left over from various projects. The bathroom garden is surrounded with tile, rocks, and other things. The shot below was taken in May of this year because at the moment that garden has gone to sleep for the winter.
I like these tile tables but they are all too expensive for me to buy.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

That's My World Tuesday: Autumn ending and winter beginning

I always know that we are heading towards winter when I begin to need to dump ice out of the bird baths in the morning.
I didn't realize it had stayed cold long enough to freeze the top of the bird bath but when I went to dump out the leaves I realized it was ice.
It's gets easier to photograph the birds as more and more of the leaves are falling off the trees.
I love the carpet of leaves on the ground as much as I like them when they first change on the trees.
There is still some color left but we are definitely heading towards winter now.
I'm amazed at how the bird can maneuver and fly through the many branches.
I like the bare branches so much. There's something very peaceful to me about them.
I've been taking so many photographs of the birds lately it's hard to choose which ones to use but I think I'll stop here.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Weekend in Black and White: Remains of a tree

I always wonder what lurks within an old tree trunk that is starting to be hollow.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

SkyWatch Friday: Happy Thanksgiving

A single leaf is carried by the wind.
A sky walker is strolling in fancy pink attire.
This rooster never sleeps even when the sun sets.
Winter trees let more of the evening show in.
For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving I hope it's a good one. For skies around the world visit SkyWatch Friday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ABC Wednesday: S is for stairs

Slow steady serious substantial stairs stop stoop surrounded. . .


Stepping stones sliding slipping scrunchy sound . . .

Monday, November 22, 2010

That's My World Tuesday: Quiet walk until I stumbled into the Fun Run

I started off on a walk Saturday morning and was enjoying the peace and quiet.
It was a beautiful morning and there was hardly anyone else on the lake trails at first.
Some of the trees have shed their leaves letting light in which is one of my favorite things about late fall and winter.
There are also still some of the brilliant colors to light up the sky.
I like the variety of images that my world has in November.
Once I reached the lake on the trail I started to hear a low distant roar and thought what is going on.
I kept walking and the roar got louder and finally I saw a huge crowd on the field. The shot above only shows a fraction of the people gathered as most were out of the view of my lens. I was shooting from the dam and the hills account for the odd perspective.
They had numbers on but even a quick look from a distance made it seem unlikely to be a game since they were dressed so many different ways and were all ages.
Some were in jeans and jackets which is how I was dressed for walking on a chilly morning.
Some were in shorts and T shirts which would have been fine for running at a pretty fast pace since the sun would start warming things up soon. It was still relatively early.
Running it was (for a few) and once I got near the bridge and saw the fun run sign (before I encountered anyone running) I was tipped off to the kind of run it was.
Before I finished walking around the lake I encountered some young runners leading the pack, some on skate blades, some jogging and some walking. Some young, some old and some in between. When I got home I googled and found out that one of our high schools was sponsoring a fun run at Shelley Lake for a food drive. That answered all my questions. The reason my shots don't include the runners, walkers, and skaters is that once they started appearing all around me I stopped taking pictures.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

The weekend in Black and White: light coming through

I took this picture about a week ago and by now there will be even more light coming in as many of the leaves will have dropped off these trees.
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Colorful

Even when the sky is gray, looking up is colorful this time of the year. When the sky is blue it's almost blinding how much color there is.
Eventually I'll have to branch out from posting autumn leaves but they seem to be what I photograph most this time of year. The colors are so dazzling I find myself catching my breath from sensory overload.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ABC Wednesday: Rocks

I for one think rocks rock. Riding along on the road I love to encounter large rocks off to the side. I wouldn't want to roar into a rock boulder in the middle of the road.
The trees growing out of the rocks left when the mountain road was cut are literally growing between a rock and a hard place.
I think stone buildings are charming and they are really rock buildings by any other name.
I like the texture of the loose rocks but I imagine they would make me see red if they started falling onto my car when I'm on the road.
You would have to have rare strength or really good machines to move the large boulder style rocks.
I love the stone bridges made of rocks which are rarely seen in my part of the state but are common in the mountains not too far from me.
Sometimes I randomly daydream about a rock wall in front of my house but I can't afford one.
It would be really cool to have a rock water feature like the one right below and a river to run through it.
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