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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ABC Wednesday: G is for Grey

Grey can be gorgeous if you ask me.

A gaggle of garrulous geese on a grey lake can be great.
The water is turning amber as the sun comes up but the Canadian Geese are there for the letter G.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Our World Tuesday: Stormy

First, thanks to Sandy and Sylvia for hosting Our World Tuesday and for setting up a new site to continue to provide a format for sharing our world. The new badge is courtesy of Gattina. This is the first week of the second generation of That's My World Tuesday which was the original meme that inspired the new one. The original was created by Klaus and was published weekly until his recent passing.

Later in this post I will show you a wider view of what I photographed above. I wonder if anyone has a clue what that is before they get to the later shot.
Like much of the east coast states, it was stormy where I live (Raleigh, NC) on Friday and Saturday. I took the shot directly above and below on Friday night before the storm moved in.
It hadn't started raining yet (I went to bed before that happened) when I took the shot below but it was looking pretty fierce.
Hurricane Irene hit the North Carolina coast Saturday morning and fortunately was a Category 1 Hurricane when it reached us which was better than the Category 3 Hurricane they feared.
The first shot, the shot directly above and the shots below are ones I took on Saturday at my house. The last shot is the only one from Sunday.
I live in central NC and didn't have a direct hit from the hurricane. We did have tropical storm winds but they weren't that bad at all considering.
Some people in my city lost power but all I had was some flickering on and off but no extended outage so I felt lucky. The shot below is a wider shot of my close-up first shot. No waves where I live since I'm not on the coast but my containers under my gutters were churning up pretty ferociously . The lake and creeks near my house were probably pretty wild but I stayed in so I didn't photograph them.
Sunday was a beautiful day after the storm and we walked at Lake Lynn which isn't as prone to flooding as Shelley Lake where I usually walk. I spotted the swan below there.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Weekend in Black and White: Kissing His Shadow awake at Dawn

This is one of those shots that would have been black and white even if I used a full color image.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: Mixing it up again

The sky seems to be changing a lot this week both within a day, and from day to day.

First, a day time moon and an evening sunset.
Next an early morning sun, on another day, that almost looks like the moon.
Same morning with the sun trying to break out.
Finally the sun is up and out and shining through the clouds.
Another day below with the sky reflected in the water.
The next two shots were taken the same day as the shot above.
I have been posting a lot of shots from the lake near my house lately. I guess I should try to vary it more but the trails I walk on and the lake I walk around are a good way for me to take pictures and get exercise.
On to another morning walk at the lake.
The rest of the shots are from the same morning as the one above.
I think the touch of red in the shot below looks like a sign of autumn but it's really dead leaves.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ABC Wednesday: F is for Ferns

I love finding large groups of ferns with full fronds in the forest.
Ferns and flowers make lovely mixes in gardens.
Ferns and flowers following the path to the Paul Greene cabin in the NC botanical garden below are lovely.
I planted ferns in my front garden and sadly many were lost to drought and being choked by vines (this is an old shot below during an early spring).
I think it's fun that the next fern volunteered on the foundation of my house and it's indestructible, having grown there now for 6 years.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

My World: Dawn to Daybreak

When I first started out on my Saturday morning walk everything was very quiet and peaceful.

There was a lone fisherman, calm water birds, and a few walkers/runners.
The first sign of territorial disputes was when I spotted a pair of humans rolling big blue cans towards the geese who tend to relax in this particular field.
As I moved away heading to the other side of the lake the geese had started standing up but were still holding their ground and the lake was still peaceful and quiet.
On the other side of the lake everything was calm with a few ducks and geese, and no people.
I was grateful to have caught this time of morning when there aren't many people out yet.
Even the water birds were in small groups and not crowding yet at the bridge like they do when people start feeding them.
Then all of the sudden all hell broke loose with loud honks and geese flying over the lake from the field side to the bridge side.
I assumed the pair with the blue barrels were chasing the geese away from the field.
Once I was back to the field side the area with blue barrels was empty of all geese and humans too.
I heard this loud voice screaming, IN OUT IN HOLD IN OUT . . . . and the humans were exercising on a spot a little bit away from the regular geese field. The shouter was the man who had been positioning the blue barrels. I assume that later the exercise group would be doing something involving the barrels and the area formerly held by the geese.
In case you think the humans won the territorial dispute, the next day I noticed the geese got their revenge.
Normally the part of the fields where the group was exercising is clear of geese and ducks, even when there aren't people there. The geese always seem to gather at the place where they were displaced from.
When I returned to the lake on Sunday, the geese and ducks weren't in their regular part of the field where they'd been displaced on Saturday. Instead they were in the area where people tend to put down yoga and exercise mats (where the group I photographed exercising on Saturday were) and where a lot of groups do exercises, tai chi and yoga.
All the photographs in this post were taken Saturday morning (Raleigh, NC) but I couldn't resist mentioning the revenge of the geese on Sunday. I'm sure that even if they got chased off from the exercise place they left lots of presents to stick on the yoga mats. You can click for the home of That's my World Tuesday if you haven't read the memorial post to the founder, Klaus, and the notice that out of respect this theme will not continue on the home page. I have however noticed that some participants and co-hosts are going to continue posting from their world, on their blogs, because Klaus was an inspiration to look around the world we live in. That's also my inclination and this was my favorite weekly theme. Thanks to Klaus for starting it and to all the hosts who maintained it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Weekend in Black and White: Bobbin for Fish

The duck looked like he was bobbin for apples although in this case it was for fish.
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